Belief in Miracles = Belief in Atonement

“Your belief in miracles and your belief in atonement or correction are the same thing. While you believe there is anything other than your own thinking that is in need of correction you think falsely. Right-thinking is the realm of miracles.” (T2:12.5)

This is a great promise, held out to us in A Course of Love. If our thinking straightens out, if we develop what Jesus calls “right-thinking,” then we will see miracles. “Right-thinking is the realm of miracles.”

So when we allow the Christ Self (as stated in ACOL) or the Holy Spirit (as stated in ACIM) to correct our thinking, we will have reached the state of atonement. Actually we must realize here that we are in the realm of Oneness, and the Christ and the Holy Spirit are two names that often mean identical things, when we consider that holiness is One. (This is an interpretation, not stated in either ACOL or ACIM.)

Here we see that it has been our thinking all along that was the only thing that needed correction. Surely we have realized this earlier, but this quotation makes this equation exact. Get the thinking right, and all other good things follow.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to count on miracles all the time? And we can. What we believe determines what we experience. This has been often stated, but perhaps not as clearly and as succinctly as the idea is stated here. Believe in the power of Good to correct one’s false thinking, to get the ego removed from our minds, and we are home free.
Wouldn’t we all like to be home free today? And this can and will happen, when we open our minds to what Jesus is saying in this quotation.

One Reply to “Belief in Miracles = Belief in Atonement”

  1. This is great, and something that I have been struggling with for quite sometime. I have traveled all over Florida to see those gifted in the healing ministry: Sid Roth, James Maloney, Randy Clark, Apostle Maldonado, etc. I’ve had faith each time that it was my time. James laid hands on me and I ran around the sanctuary only to have the pain return that night and the next morning ten fold. It took a lot of humility to return to the conference the next day back on my scooter, and asking for my cane that I had left on the stage.

    A friend of mine told me I need to quit going to people to be healed because then I am let down and lose faith. She recommended a book that her pastor wrote on healing, and how we are to go to God’s Word and Him alone for healing. I have a digital copy of it (I am a book kind of gal) and haven’t read it because she is trying to get me a physical copy. However, as I sit here during this recovery I am getting more and more anxious just to read the thing on my computer. Randy Clark’s book “Basis for Biblical Healing” is great as well.

    Anyway, thank you for your post. I DO believe in miracles, I just need to get my thought life lined up with that of Papa God’s. Blessings to you!

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