Old Patterns of Thought Cry Out for a Miracle

“You must be beginning to see that your thought processes, the very thought processes that tell you hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute how to perceive of and live in your world, are still often based on old concepts. This does not mean you have not changed nor that you are in need of accomplishment rather than the already accomplished. What this means is that you are still in need of unlearning, of undoing old patterns of thought. This is atonement and it is continuous and ongoing until it is no longer needed.” (T2:4.25)

Atonement, we learn here, is not a one-time event—we accept something held out to us, and are forever changed. Change normally takes time (though there are miracles that are instant in effect). Thus atonement becomes “continuous and ongoing until it is no longer needed.”

What does this tell us? It tells us that we have to be patient with our mistake-prone nature. Even though Jesus tells us in A Course of Love that we “The Accomplished,” we will not remain static at some level of development for all future times. We will continue to grow and develop, and until atonement is ultimately complete, atonement will continue to change us, to undo old patterns of thinking.

Have you ever thought how hard it is to escape insanity? To change every thought pattern that has gone awry? That is what we are up to, changing all false patterns of thinking to right-thinking. And it will take Jesus at the end, he tells us, to correct those patterns of thinking that we ourselves cannot change. He stands at the end for ultimate correction (from A Course in Miracles).

Patience and forbearance are required. Patience and forbearance will ensure that we make correct decision of what to say, do, and think, in the future. We are in an ongoing process of change. The result will be the elevated Self of form that creates a new world. This is the promise that A Course of Love holds out to us.
Won’t you join the great commission today?

3 thoughts on “Old Patterns of Thought Cry Out for a Miracle

  1. Crooked Places Straight

    Oh yes, it is a process, isn’t it. This is why we are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, discerning the voice in our minds. I appreciate what you said “this does not mean we haven’t changed.” Sometimes a thought will come and we could be like, “Whoa! Where did that come from?” Thanks for the reminder, we are continuously be transformed into His image, from glory to glory; and it is a process. Blessings


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