Part 1: Definitions
Part 2: What Reality Is Not
Part 3: Characteristics of Reality
Summing Up

This series on true reality is in three parts; within each part are quotations from both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.
The two works are a continuum, channeled, many of us believe, by Jesus. This was the information channeled to Mari Perron:

“Where the original Course in Miracles was a course in thought reversal and mind training, a course to point out the insanity of the identity crisis and dislodge the ego’s hold, this [A Course of Love] is a course to establish your identity and to end the reign of the ego.” (ACOL, C:P.8)

In this blog, Miracles Each Day, the post entitled, “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened. Nothing Unreal Exists,” has been viewed many times—almost a record number of times over any other post in this blog. (The review of Jon Mundy’s Living A Course in Miracles is the only post viewed more often.)

This series on the real and the unreal, true reality, seeks to answer the questions that many of us have as we move closer to Awakening or Christ-consciousness.

How will reality change for us? What might we do to facilitate a change for the better?

Your comments are welcomed.

Part 1: Definitions

Heaven Is the Natural State of Sons & Daughters of God

“Heaven is the natural state of all the Sons of God as He created them. Such is their reality forever.” (ACIM, Introduction, What It Says)

We are told this wonderful thing in the introduction to A Course in Miracles, in the part that Jesus channeled. Heaven is our natural state, once we assumed the mantle of being “Sons” (and “Daughters”) of God! A glorious thought indeed this is, and it will make us want all the sooner to throw off the little, or personal, self, and to step into our identity at Sons and Daughters of God.

We will be Awakened when we have this characterization. In the meantime, we are separated, personal selves that are seeking a return to the God that we never, in actuality, left. The separation is an illusion, but for us it seems abject reality, and we must work with our beliefs. We need to make the “journey without distance” (from ACIM) back to God. And let us begin today.

It is our reality, the one to which we are returning, true reality. We can make small steps everyday, and larger ones on some days. We need to realize that we won’t make the decision of when we are right with God, when we are ready for Awakening. God alone makes this decision. It is up to us, though, to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s meaning. And of this we can do much.

Ask and the way will be shown. Even today.


  1. John Dominique

    YES! I am so thrilled to see more and more people come to the same realization that I have. This is very exciting! Nice blog by the way. Wording is clear, direct, short, to the point and most importantly it speaks volumes of truth. Thank you.

  2. David Smith

    Heaven is real, but not real in the way most people understand what is real. Heaven is not a place or a thing. Jesus knew this but could only express this insight with a very primitive and limited language. And so he used the term Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven. But this Kingdom was not to be found in the outer, but only within.

    Heaven is a reality that is beyond and outside of our space/time reality. And yet it is right here and right now. It is a reality without form, yet it is real, absolute, eternal and unchanging. It is an awareness of all that is. It is a consciousness of the infinite, the Consciousness of God.

    It is this Consciousness that is everywhere present, in this reality and beyond it, all the time, in its entirety. This is Heaven. This is the Kingdom of God. This is the Consciousness of God.


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