Love and Loving Thoughts Are True Reality

“If you would look upon love, which is the world’s reality, how could you do better than to recognize, in every defense against it, the underlying appeal for it? And how could you better learn of its reality than by answering the appeal for it by giving it?” (ACIM, T-12.I.10)

This advice from Jesus is practical. How can you better learn of love than by—just giving love. It sounds easy, but we all know that it is not. People attack and exhibit anger, and we feel hurt, and defensive, and angry in return, and we attack—thereby losing any sense of the power of love in our lives. Love is the world’s reality; it is the only thing in the world that has any reality, everything else being illusory.

“Truth being brought to illusions, reality now becomes a threat and is perceived as evil. Love becomes feared because reality is love.” (ACIM, P-2.IV.6)

When we are lost in illusions, we are lost in fear and its attendant features of anger and attack. We see only “evil” in illusions, and when we are so trapped, we are actually afraid of love. Love is feared because true reality is love, and nothing else.

“Do not, then, be deceived in your brother, and see only his loving thoughts as his reality, for by denying that his mind is split you will heal yours.” (ACIM, T-11.VIII.9)
Jesus uses denial in a very positive sense in A Course in Miracles. We and our brother are actually one, and what we do for him, we do for ourselves. This is the bottom line of what is being said in this quotation.

We need to see his loving thoughts as the only reality that he has. Right now his mind is split between the ego and true reality, and that split makes for problems. When we deny the split, and see his love emanating from him, we are healing both himself and ourselves.

“If only the loving thoughts of God’s Son are the world’s reality, the real world must be in his mind. His insane thoughts, too, must be in his mind, but an internal conflict of this magnitude he cannot tolerate.” (ACIM, T-12.III.7)

Reality is in the mind only. Everything projected from the mind is illusory, and this includes the world that we see. Projection, as we have often said, makes perception.
God’s Son (and Daughter) has loving thoughts in the mind, but there is a split in the mind, making it partially insane. This insanity is the cause of all the world’s problems. We can see attack and anger as insanity, and thereby make excuse for our brother’s fear of us.

Because we cannot tolerate this split in the mind, we project our fear outward. And this causes problems for ourselves and everybody else. Love heals. Love is the only reality that is not illusory.

“Love or fear is your reality by your choice. A choice for love creates love. A choice for fear creates fear. What choice do you think has been made to create the world you call your home?” (ACOL, 1.18)

Jesus asks a question here, in A Course of Love, that answers itself, for we all know the dire straits in which this world finds itself. It was made, created (if you will), out of fear. And fear has turned back in on itself, making us live insanely in a fearful world.

If we turn to love more and more, we will see our immediate as well as distant world change into a better place. We will ourselves no longer be trapped by fear. We will have made the decision that gives us the best world possible for here and now.

“Safe within your heart lies love’s reality, a reality so foreign to you that you think you remember it not. Yet it is to this reality we head as we travel deep within you to the center of your Self.” (ACOL, 8.9)

Jesus talks about the heart in A Course of Love, bypassing the mind because our mind longs for proof that cannot be, and the heart remembers love without having any desire for proof. We just “know,” and in this knowing is our salvation. In ACOL, we are heading into love when we reach inward to the center of our being, our heart.

So love and loving thoughts and loving actions are the answers that we need in this unsatisfying world that we are now calling our home. We herein find true reality. We herein find our way to Awakening or Christ-consciousness.

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