The Trinity Re-Emphasized by ACIM

“For reality is one with the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit blesses the real world in Their Name.” (ACIM, T-12.VI.4)

Jesus does not get away from the Trinity, a traditional Christian concept. He does allude here to the primacy of the Holy Spirit in our experience.

Jesus thinks that trying to approach God, before some of the fear of the ego has been abandoned, would be more traumatic than beatific. I think that this is the primary reason that he emphasizes the Holy Spirit. Our Comforter, the Holy Spirit, does not scare us as our own minds might allow us to be afraid of God. The Holy Spirit, we are told by Jesus, mediates between God and us, opening the way to a more direct approach, which we find in the final third of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles.

The Holy Spirit, as the mediator, blesses the real world and accustoms us to experiencing that real world. It is the world that Love shows us, love and loving thoughts and loving actions.

10 thoughts on “The Trinity Re-Emphasized by ACIM

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  5. Christadelphians

    where do you get it from that Jesus would be part of a tri-une god and would consider himself so or would have tried to loosen himself of such godhead. Jesus is the son of God according to the Holy Scriptures and not a god son. Jesus very well knew his position and never claimed or wanted to be God.

  6. Michael Simonson

    Given the ‘rediscovery’ of an original concept of the Trinity as described by the early church Mothers and Fathers (before the Council of Nicaea) as well as practiced by some of the Christian mystics, it will be interesting to see how ACIM relates to it. The new/old version of the Trinity sees it not as a triangle but as a wheel (as in a waterwheel). In it the Father eternally empties himself into the son who externally empties himself into the Holy Spirit, who eternally empties itself into the Father (gender could be neuter or female here as well). The new concept of the Trinity emphasizes the primacy of the relationships within the Trinity not their individual substance. According to the new idea, we are invited to participate consciously in this eternal emptying and refilling of Love (as the Son). This, for me coincides with ACIM. It also fits the Course metaphysics.


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