The Star Shines Still

“You have not two realities, but one. Nor can you be aware of more than one. An idol or the Thought God holds of you is your reality. Forget not, then, that idols must keep hidden what you are, not from the Mind of God, but from your own. The star shines still; the sky has never changed. But you, the holy son of God Himself, are unaware of your reality.” (ACIM, T-30.III.11)

There is a way in which these special relationships become holy, for at the beginning of the specialness, we have actually glimpsed what the holy will be, later on. We want to get past the grievances when love seems to fade. We want to touch the holy in our relationships.

If the Thought God holds of me is true reality, how can I come to know what that Thought is? A Course in Miracles answers this question. The Thought is one of pure essence, of a being of love with no dark fear intruding; a thought of love, with no egoic notions compounding our sorrows into suffering. We do not really want for idols, but we have found many in our walk in this world. Those idols keep us from the true God.

Often our special relationships start out as a search for idolatry. We make of our beloved an idol, and in the making does the ego loom large. Only this ecstasy does not last, for we find that our special love has very human characteristics. And then we are off again, searching once again for a perfect love that is in actuality an idol.

Special relationships turned holy are the special means that A Course in Miracles is taking us back home to God. When we realize that the negative aspects of our beloved, newly seen by us, are actually the insanity of the ego, then we are led to love on a deeper level. It is sometimes helpful when anger emerges, or attack looms, to say to ourselves, “This is just insanity.” For it is. And insanity is the madness is which we have been lost to God and to ourselves.

Until we change those special relationships into holy, we do not know our true reality. The true reality has not changed, but we have been oblivious to it.

Decide today to seek what is good and pure, true and honest. The blessings that we will know will surface our highest imaginings.

2 thoughts on “The Star Shines Still

  1. Kurt Struble

    hi celia … thanks for giving me a read … while i see the world through a somewhat different perspective but i see a lot of ”overlap” as well.

    i still consider myself a christian person (of episcopal descent) but i left the church for various reasons. my whole orientation toward the world and god … stems from ”light” and awareness … .

    the more ”light” you discover … in other words, Awareness … the more creativity and beauty, love, enjoyment of life we experience. My outlook, is close to your outlook about the the mind of god … though not entirely.

    organized religion for the most part i think, is an obsession which hinders us from having awareness of the ”light” in the world. i think jesus was intimately aware of the light … he had great awareness. his teachings were based around this ”Light” but i don’t think that people per se, look at his life through this orientation.

    i’d like to refer you to three pieces i wrote that are examples of my outlook and i will continue to explore what you have written.

    those pieces are first, Life … Knowledge: two, When We Were Young and three, Night, Ice Shades, Varying Mood Intensities, Daytime Light, Darkness, Infinity, Season’s Glow.

    since the first two were written further back than what are listed on Recent Posts ….. i’d like to include them here. i hope you don’t mind.

    “When We Were Young”

    When we were young

    our world spoke to us and

    we did mostly what it told us to do …

    … and life was good …

    of course we didn’t

    know the difference …

    but that’s beside the

    point …


    we were alive and we moved about

    living life to the nth degree because

    we had no reason to plumb the

    depths …


    when we grew big,

    the reality of our world

    changed …


    don’t ask me why … it just did .. !


    we turned away

    from the light …

    we began to look only at the

    clock …


    we blundered through

    the world after that …

    we kept asking

    for the light to return but

    we couldn’t see the light

    that was always

    there …


    so, we prayed for it ….


    we even made

    a person out of it,

    so we could ask him

    to return the light to

    us …


    We pledged ourselves to the

    light …

    we built great stories around the

    light …


    But the truth within

    was never understood …..

    so it didn’t make a



    Then came the day

    when we sold ourselves to the

    future …


    We lived each day

    for the tomorrow and the tomorrow

    and the tomorrow

    after that …

    until there were so many tomorrows

    we forgot what day it was … and

    that’s when


    consumed us …


    The second piece is

    Life … Knowledge (the person referred to as “He” would be my dad although the experience herein is not something we experienced per se.

    One day He took us to a copse of trees where we sat under a canopy of newly formed leaves beneath a clear blue sky where He gave perspectives different than any we had learned: thoughts on the “other side” of what we thought we knew …

    He showed us how trees and their green leaves dance with the wind not as separate entities rather, they are part of a larger whole with awareness stretching outward through the air we breathe then further into sun’s light and beyond even into space and time …

    And we began to “see” the movements and hear the hissing of the wind passing through the moving leaves as one very large thought; and we found ourselves in the midst of a world we had never seen or felt before …

    He pointed to the random patterns of the leaves within the hissing sounds of motion created by the wind ever changing … rising and falling, shooting ‘round and ‘round connected to each other with endless patterns of unique thoughts not unlike the patterns of our minds though without limit, more complex, more far reaching, not confined by the craniums of our skulls, free to gather new awareness, taking from reality the mystery of the world above and below the earth made real far, far beyond the wind and the air we breathe, able to understand the connection of sun’s rays then further … content to accept all that is true without conscious effort, a part of the whole, absorbing through their finger tips … all there is to know …

    continued …

    the third piece would be listed on Recent Posts if you’re interested but go to the first one, listed chronologically … if you are interested.

    i’m looking forward to reading what you have written since i see some really intriguing titles … thanks again for reading me … k.s.


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