Name of God = All Reality = All = One

“But first you must accept the Name [God] for all reality, and realize the many names you gave its aspects have distorted what you see, but have not interfered with truth at all. One Name we bring into our practicing. One Name we use to unify our sight.” (ACIM, W-184)

What is meant in this quotation, really, is that the All is God, God is One, everything is unified into His Name. We cannot really understand this, because we have finite minds, at least so far as the little, or personal, self is concerned. When we embody the Self, the inner Christ, we can, in this glimpse of Awakening, see more of the reality to which this quotation points.

What must we accept? That God is All the exists, that we are differentiated, or individuated, into diverse parts, all of which, like a hologram, contains the whole. When we begin identifying with God, we are on the way home. It is an express lane home to God.

We are no longer fearing God. Until we reach this level, we would be wise to turn to the concept of the Holy Spirit, so that we are not cowed by an attempt to reach God. We, because of egoic identification, have layers of fear against God. We are fortified against Him. And that is why we don’t reach Him. He is always there, reaching out to us, but He created the Holy Spirit, at the point of separation, knowing that this Spirit could mediate between “separated” (in illusion) entities and Himself.

When we begin using the word God almost as a mantra, we are kept in a sense of reverence before our world. Anger and attack do not affect us the way that they have. We recognize these egoic reactions as the call for help that they are, and we rush to our brother’s side with love. That is, if we are strong enough and free enough. If we are becoming free of the ego. Otherwise, we will react defensively, and escalate an antagonism between our brother and ourself.

So look to the name of God as a mantra that can take us far. Focusing on the Name when we are calm will ensure that we are not frightened by our approach to God directly.

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