We Dwell in the Reality of the One Heart

“We dwell in the reality of the One Heart, creation’s birthplace, birthplace of the new.” (ACOL, 1.12)
A Course of Love recognizes that our minds get us into trouble. Our minds need all kinds of proof that God is good. But our heart knows the truth, the true reality, without the kind of proof that cannot be forthcoming because it is beyond our world.

In the One Heart, we are back at the beginning, where creation occurred, and we are seeing that our future will be like our past; our future will be “new.” We are living in the One Heart in the birthplace of the new.

“The heart that is the center of your being is the center of everything that exists. This is reality. None of these things make you less than what you have perceived yourself to be, but they do make it impossible for you to be separate.” (ACOL, 6.2)

We are interdependent, wholly joined one to the other, not separate in the least. We have so tried, and failed, to be separate. Only in illusion were we ever separate from God, because we are a part of Him and so it is impossible to be separate from our Source.

We recognize that our heart is the center of our being. We have always known this. We know, without being told, what to consider when we are asked to look to our heart as the source of credence, belief. The heart is our true reality. The heart knows without asking a lot of meaningless questions. The heart will enable us to find our way back to the God that we never actually left at all.

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