See with True Vision

“Perception is a choice and not a fact. But on this choice depends far more than you may realize as yet. For on the voice you choose to hear, and on the sights you choose to see, depends entirely your whole belief in what you are. Perception is a witness to this, and never to reality. Yet it can show you the conditions in which awareness of reality is possible, or those where it could never be.” (ACIM, T-21.V.1)

Our perceptions are choices made within a deluded mind. What we see inwardly, we project outwardly, seeing thereby what we really want to see.

There is no exception to this rule. The oft-repeated phrase, “Projection makes perception,” makes illusion mandatory. We are not seeing reality at all. But: We know how reality can be made aware in our perceptions also, though exactly how is not spelled out. This is one of the more obscure assertions in A Course in Miracles.

We don’t want to see illusions, but we can find a modicum of reality even in what we see—if we are faithful to our inner Guide, the Holy Spirit (or, as A Course of Love says, our inner Christ Self). In what we see, we form our opinion of what reality really is, what we truly are. And from this there is no escape.

Look today beneath the sights and sounds of an illusory world, looking for the reality that lurks behind the camouflage. You will get glimpses, if you look truly and without hidden agendas to see what you want to see, regardless. The love that is all around us is true, for example. But we often don’t see these intangibles, and look instead for the material world, a world that always disappoints.

Look for the reality that is hidden from our physical eyes. Real vision, according to A Course in Miracles, sees into the true reality and is not dependent on physical sight at all. It is independent of physical sight.

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