Cross the Bridge into Reality–to Find God

“You will cross the bridge into reality simply because you will recognize that God is on the other side, and nothing at all is here. It is impossible not to make the natural decision as this is realized.” (ACIM, T-16.V.17)

Choosing for God is the natural decision. Of course, many do not believe this. But if we open our minds ever so slightly, and allow the thought that God is real, that He is a part of our lives, and that we are happier recognizing this, there will never be a problem with belief again.

I have long been drawn to those parts of A Course in Miracles that use the term “natural.” This seems to be a harbinger of particular apt thoughts. Who does not want to live the life “natural” to us? And how can we do that if we leave God out?

Don’t leave Him out. Open the door to your deepest mind ever so slightly, and see if you don’t experience a swelling of your heart at the same time that you open your mind.

This is all it takes. But it is enough. We have let God show us that paying attention to Him is natural to our best living. And He will respond in kind. This is what He has been waiting for. Don’t keep Him waiting any longer. Just experiment. And reflect.

The advantages are many, the drawbacks none at all. God would have you live the good life, and by this I don’t mean the materialistic life. The good life is the best that is out there for us, and it is there for the immediate experiencing when our minds and hearts turn to the One Who knows all.


2 thoughts on “Cross the Bridge into Reality–to Find God

    • Barbara —

      Thank you for your comment. It is natural to commune with what we come to understand is God. Communing as much as we think of God gives our life an added dimension that we can’t get any other way.


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