Jesus Points toward a Truly Spectacular Future

“This reality begins with awareness of what is beyond body and mind, form and time. It proceeds to this awareness being accepted, adopted as an ability, and then to becoming your new identity. It proceeds to the transformation we have spoken of, to the act of becoming the elevated Self of form.” (ACOL, Dialogues, 14.15)

The elevated Self of form is part of our new inheritance from God. What does it mean? We live in Christ-consciousness, in peace and love, in the House of Truth, in the same physical structures that we have called home during the period of the ego. These bodies become somewhat transformed, though, for we are encouraged to believe that they will be less prone to illness. We will be living better, without stress, and this goes a long way toward ensuring that we live comfortably in our form, our physical bodies.

We can choose to move into a reality that knows no bounds, all within the physical body. We can choose it for eternity if we wish; Jesus makes this assertion (in slightly different words). Not all of us would choose to live in physical bodies for eons, but there is that possibility. It is a new choice, a choice blessed by God, to know physicality without the false steps the ego led us down.
Jesus says that he doesn’t know what this future will bring. He doesn’t have those answers, because probable futures differ, and he has set his mind in A Course of Love not to be predictive.

At least as long as life holds for us, we ought to be glad of our physicality. It was a new choice, and now we are led to understand that we can not only maintain, but also sustain, Christ-consciousness in our physical bodies. The pages of the future that we will write will be all new. It is indeed a truly spectacular future that Jesus points us toward.

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