Jesus in A Course of Love–Love’s Focus, the Heart

“This course was written for the mind—but only to move the mind to appeal to the heart. To move it to listen. To move it to accept confusion. To move it to cease its resistance to mystery, its quest for answers, and to shift its focus to the truth and away from what can be learned only by the mind.” (C:I.1)

This quotation seems, at first glance, to give primacy to the mind, as did A Course in Miracles. But the second part of the first sentence changes the purpose to appeal to the heart. So we are talking about a radical change in ACOL from the direction that Jesus took us in A Course in Miracles. In a sense, he had to appeal to the intellect in ACIM, because the ideas about the ego were so mind-dominated. We wouldn’t have listened to anything that seemed too soft, as the heart is apt to seem.

The heart is not soft and mushy, though, and especially not so when you consider that Jesus moves very shortly into a fusion of mind and heart into what he terms “whole-heartedness.” He at first appeals to the heart, so that we don’t become lost, once again, in egoic notions—that this Course can be learned through the mind, even the right mind untainted by the ego.

We focus on the “truth” in A Course of Love. While this can be a term fraught with misunderstanding and even controversy, we are here seeing the truth as understood by Jesus, putting us on very solid ground indeed. The mind by itself cannot learn this truth, and that is why so many of us have gotten stuck in reading A Course in Miracles. We have been trying, intellectually, to understand the difficult passages in ACIM. Jesus sees where we are coming from, and says, in effect, to put the mind aside for a while. Just focus on the heart, which doesn’t need the proofs that the mind demands. We believe in God in large part because of our heart’s leanings. No “proof” is good enough for a confirmed atheist. And no proof is needed by a believer who is listening to his heart.

This is what Jesus is about in A Course of Love. Love’s focus, the heart.


2 thoughts on “Jesus in A Course of Love–Love’s Focus, the Heart

  1. A person I knew who possessed a simple faith used to say, “The mind clears up when you get your right.” That is my experience of faith in Jesus, He changed my desires and my mind cleared. I also, have learned better, to use my emotions as He intended and by those rightly guided emotions, I gain a kind of subjective wisdom that allows me to see more completely, than with objective reasoning alone. I believe this why Jesus appeals to the heart and not so much to the objective mind. There can be no true reason brought forth from a heart filled desires born of only self.

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