Surprised by Joy

“The heart is needed to guide the mind in a way that it does not desire to be guided, a way that is one of joining, a way that does not allow the mind’s separate stance, its rules, or its right answers. The heart is needed because it is who and where you are and responds in love to what is one with it. We are one heart.” (ACOL, C:I.6)

This assertion places love at the center of this new Course, A Course of Love. We are using the heart to join with others in love. Not meant to be living in splendid isolation, we are in a world with other people for a reason: relationship. And we are united as One with our brothers and sisters in this relationship.

Jesus emphasizes this unity by saying that we are “one heart.” Later on he will also emphasize that all of us are joined in an embrace, with him, and all the world. This is union or unity. This replicates the unity that we share with God, of Whom we are a part. We extend that unity to our brothers and sisters, and we live a happier life as a result. No longer seeking, as the mind is wont to do, to be independent, we join with others to create a new world.

We don’t listen to the rules that the mind has set up to structure this new world. Especially not when the ego hold sway. We listen to what the heart wants. And we will be surprised by joy in the undertaking that we are about. Listen to the heart today, and see if we don’t all find a new beginning in the works.

6 Replies to “Surprised by Joy”

  1. Thankyoy Celia…
    It feels so good when someone else put their own words on the message of ACOL…
    And you do it in such a good way…looking forward to join you here…and thankyou for your two years dedication.

  2. And… Yes I have been listening more and more to the heart lately and it brings joy and more love and a flow into my life…thanks for reminding me…

  3. Hello Celia, I very much enjoyed your introduction to this new endeavor with A Course of Love and have gotten a feel for your intention through this post. I also feel your heart flowing into this and notice you say in a comment above that you are letting more love into your life. I am so happy to hear that! I trust these daily sharings will also help others to do the same.

    1. Dearest Mari —

      Thank you so much! Words cannot express how happy I am that A Course of Love is coming into its own.

      Thank you for all that you scribed. And for the work you are still doing.

      Love, Celia

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