The New Day Will Be Joy without Sorrow

“The new is not that which has always existed. It is not that which can be predicted. It is not that which can be formed and held inviolate. The new is creation’s unfolding love. The new is love’s expression. The new is the true replacement of the false, illusion’s demise, joy birthed amongst sorrow. The new is yet to be created, One Heart to One Heart.

“This is a course for the heart. The birthplace of the new.” (ACOL, C:I.12 – 13)

Jesus seems to look upon what he is channeling in A Course of Love as a new day in our lives and a new day on earth. The “new” is seen to be that which has yet to be created, but which we will create in joy and abundance, all the blessings that we wish for ourselves and others.

This does not appear to be a mirage. There really does seem to be something out there waiting for our creation of it. What would we like to see on our earth? In this world? Then, we are encouraged, create it! This is the wave of the future, the better life that we have all longed to have. And it is ours for the asking (and the taking).

The quotation for today is very lyrical and very inspiring. We are poised at the point of illusion’s death, of joy without sorrow. Of course, all of this is predicated on our moving into Christ-consciousness, the Awakening that A Course in Miracles heralded. And we get there through our heart, as Jesus is now telling us (though he did not use this tactic in ACIM).

The way is smooth, the results certain. All of us who have walked this far will go on to a certain end. We will know enlightenment. If we are not ready, we may dally for a while, but dalliance is not necessary and certainly not desired. We can have all that we wish for now. Our mistakes are being corrected as we speak. The carpet will be rolled up, returning to the point at which separation happened, and the separation, illusory though it is, will be no more.

What more could we wish for today, except that this new era get underway?


3 thoughts on “The New Day Will Be Joy without Sorrow

  1. When we learn to peacefully surrender our will to God’s Will, then we can fully enjoy everything God wants to give us. When human beings peacefully surrender their need for control, we’ll also, stop doing the things that cause pain and sorrow. When we give up control and stop trying to take God’s power as our own, then we’ll be ready to fill the role designed for us within the creation and the natural order of things. No longer will we be the driving force against it. Peace will come through acceptance.

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