Let Your Spirit Talk to You Today

“It is easy to imagine how the Christ in you differs from your ego but not as easy to recognize how the Christ in you differs from spirit. The Christ in you is that which is capable of learning in human form what it means to be a child of God. The Christ in you is that which is capable of bridging the two worlds. This is what is meant by the second coming of Christ.” (ACOL, C:P.7)

Will Jesus come in physical manifestation in the second coming? Note that he doesn’t say this. He indicates that when the Christ in us bridges the worlds between the ego and the spirit, we will find ourselves in the midst of the second coming of Christ. Jesus is not playing games with us about physical manifestation of himself again; he is opening up the term “Christ” to all of us. We see our Christ Self as the embodiment, in physical form, of the best that we can be in this world. And this best is enough.

The spirit is not in human form. I believe that there are parts of us, available to us, that have not incarnated (an interpretation, not stated in ACIM or ACOL). And we draw on those parts to make our way here smoother, an easier path to walk. We have an oversoul that is the spirit in us, and this Self, I believe, makes decisions for us that are something beyond what our conscious mind can legitimately make (again, this is interpretation).

We need to realize that the ego has limited days. Soon, in A Course of Love, Jesus will affirm that indeed the ego is gone from us. He actually says this. We don’t have to beg and plead; it is just something that happens as we go forward in time, heading toward the culmination of Christ-consciousness.

Let your spirit talk to you today. Find out how the ego might be removed from our consciousness without pain or discomfort. Jesus will see that this happens for us. He wants to help.

Let him.

3 thoughts on “Let Your Spirit Talk to You Today

  1. Donna Smith

    Hi Celia……….there was a question on Facebook’s ACOL USA yesterday that has been very confusing to me as well as the questioner……..The ACIM states that this world is an illusion. Does the ACOL contradict this?

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      I will go back to read the Facebook entry to know that I understand.

      We don’t need to get divided as a community by this question. Mari Perron, the scribe, believes that the world is not illusion, but she has taken a lot of flack for the remarks that she has made to one or more groups about that. I don’t think that we need to use illusion (or not) as a litmus test for our faith.

      In my opinion, ACOL does not contradict ACIM in this way. I have some question in my own mind that when we move into true reality, we are not living an illusion any longer. But I am unsure. I think that the separated state of mind is illusionary.

      It is certain to me that love, harmony, peace, joy–the intangible aspects of reality–are not illusion. But whether or not the physical world is no longer illusory in true reality, I can’t be sure.

      Don’t fuss with Mari about this difference of opinion. She posted a response to this question about a month ago on her blog. And she quoted passages that would lead one to a difference of opinion on this question.

      It is enough for us to remove the blocks to love’s awareness, so that we can move into Awakening or Christ-consciousness. We don’t have to argue over illusion or not.

      Most cordially, Celia

      1. Donna Smith

        Thank you, Celia……No I don’t want to cause any discussions or debates about what is my own confusion…..that’s why I asked you. I trust your interpretation of ACOL…….certainly over my own since I’m still so new with ACOL.

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