What It Means to Be God’s Child

“Within the story of the human race there is a story about the coming of God’s son, Jesus Christ, who was born, grew into a man, died and rose again to live on in some form other than that of a man. Those who believe the story have accepted that Jesus was God’s son before he was born, while he walked the earth, and after he died and resurrected. Whether this is your belief or not, it comes close to the truth in a form that you can understand. Jesus is simply the example life, the life that demon¬strated what it means to be God’s child.” (ACOL, C:P.27)

Jesus, and Mary, are seen in A Course of Love as example lives. Jesus is seen as the one who is “doing,” and Mary is seen as the one who is “being.” Both are valid ways to be, though Jesus indicates that as time passes, more and more of us will choose Mary’s way of “being.”

But many of us are caught in Jesus’s way of doing. We think, perhaps erroneously, that there are things that we have to do in the world to help ourselves and to help others. We are the active ones, teaching, learning, playing in this world.

Jesus indicates in this passage that perhaps his form in the resurrected state was other than that of a man. What does he mean by that? Was the resurrected body the ethereal body? I am inclined to think so. But resurrected he was, at least as he tells us, and I believe him. His pathway in life 2000 years ago is something that we can identify with. We won’t be crucified in the way that he was, but we will be eventually resurrected to new life in our Awakening—our Christ-consciousness. And if we pray, perhaps this new form of the elevated Self will come to us sooner rather than later.

Let’s spend some time today reflecting on Jesus’s life on earth. What can we learn from it? What do we want, still, to reject? And what might this reflection do for our soul’s progress? If we are to see that he is an example life, then does it not behoove us to follow that example, even these many years hence?

I think that it does; we need to follow Jesus. The way will be easier because he has walked this way before. Try not to let the judgmental nature of many of Jesus’s pronouncements in the Gospels disturb us. He was under pressure, and stress creates anger (which he experienced). Let the dictum of A Course in Miracles not confuse, the dictum that anger is unjustified. In the largest sense, it is, but we too are human, just as Jesus was on earth, and we too will experience moments of anger.

Jesus is a very real figure in history. The stories about him told in the Gospels may not all be true, but they are, in my opinion, more true than not. And as an example life, Jesus performs admirably. Of course. What more would we expect of him?

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