A Witness for Christ

“Even those who have studied much and learned the lessons of the Course well, leave their learning and their teaching sit idly by while they earn their living until the dust that has collected upon it obscures it from their sight.” (ACOL, C:P.29)

Even those of us who have morning devotionals at home all too often leave their message at the door as we leave for work. Jesus would not have us to do this. He would have us take the message of our devotionals with us, into the marketplace, where the messages that we have received can influence others. Not in a proselytizing way, for this is forbidden by Jesus. But by example.

Yes, we too have an example to set, just as did Jesus. We need to realize that we are blessed by having found A Course of Love, that we have found in this writing a way home. And that we can guide others by our gentle living out of the way.

Others may eventually ask us what is different about us. They will seek us out, and this is fodder for the ego if we let it be. But as we are leaving the ego behind, we need to just accept that God is creating in us an aura of peace and joy that will attract others. They will want what we have. And they too can have it.

We will eventually share from our innermost being the things of God that He is showing to us. Let us seek to make that witness to Him something that He can think we have got right.

One Reply to “A Witness for Christ”

  1. Such a beautiful thought indeed to know that at any moment we can bring him with us. He will never abandoning us he wants to come home. That way Christ is always in our hearts. Thanks brett

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