The Inner Christ Follows Jesus’s Way

“The Christ in you teaches only in the sense of imparting knowledge that you already have and once again have access to as you join with your own real Self. Once this is accomplished, you are accomplished. Because you are complete. But if your joining with Christ is the accomplishment and completion of all lessons, who is he who provides the lessons? This is Jesus.” (ACOL, C:P.38)

This quotation explains, in a nutshell, what is happening to us as we merge with our real Self, the inner Christ. We have this knowledge, but this knowledge has been unavailable to us, and now we are coming into the time of Christ, when the knowledge is again available. Sure, it was available to a select few in times past. But not generally. And now the blessing is spread out on this earth. We are ready for the blessing, a blessing that once unavailable to many, is now possible of attainment.

Jesus identified himself in this passage as the one who is channeling A Course of Love. He does not hide from us. He comes out and asks us to believe. And when we accept him, as he bids us to do, we are already well on our way to comprehending his message.

When we have joined with the inner Christ, we have reached enlightenment or Christ-consciousness. This is what Jesus is about in these lessons he has designed for us. He would remove the barriers to the expression of Love, and in the removal, the blessing is made ours right away. We cannot dictate to him or to God, though, nor would we want to do so. God will know when we are ready, and He will move swiftly at that time.

2 thoughts on “The Inner Christ Follows Jesus’s Way

  1. Brett

    Absolutely beautiful thank you for bring the course alive in my heart and others as we join together in unity and relationship of BEING!!!!!!


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