Being Awake in God’s World

“If you cannot see yourself “other than” as man or woman living in a particular place in a particular time, you cannot see your Self. Thus Jesus comes to you again, in a way that you can accept, to lead you beyond what you can accept to what is true.” (ACOL, C:P.39)

What is Jesus saying here? The Self lives in all times and places, not in a particular place and time, but in the Now that is eternal. And Jesus has come to us again, in this particular time and place, to lead us out of time and into the eternal.

We have long seen ourselves as “stuck” in time, rigidly captured by the surroundings that we find ourselves in. But this is an illusion. We belong to all times and all places, for the Self is all-embracing. It is true that we cannot understand this with our finite minds. But open the mind and heart a little to consider carefully what Jesus is here saying. He would not have us deluded by the here and now any longer.

Look to eternity for the best things in life. Don’t look to the next job, the next car, the next house. These things fade in importance to us, but the eternal that Jesus proclaims does not fade. We go on from a perception of the eternal to the Christ-consciousness which opens like a flower upon a new world. We know, as opposed to perceive. And in this knowledge are we saved, ultimately. We have that which we have always longed to have, without having a name for it. We are awake in God’s world, and we know that it is good.

3 thoughts on “Being Awake in God’s World

  1. Derek

    Thankyou Celia. Being awake in God’s world is worth every effort to learn of Christ and as your wrote is beyond this world of time and space.


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