The Easy Way Out

“Resign as your own teacher. Accept me as your teacher and accept that I will teach you the truth. Find no shame in this. You cannot learn what I would teach you without me. You have tried in countless ways and can try still again. But you will not succeed. Not because you are not smart enough. Not because you will not try hard enough. But because it is impossible. It is impossible to learn anything on your own. Your determination to do so only blocks your learning. It is only through union with me that you learn because it is only in union with me that you are your Self.” (ACOL, C:1.10)

In this passage Jesus asserts that his Self and our Self are one. And that we need him to make proper decisions. On our own, we cannot choose rightly; we just get lost in mindless meandering. Here Jesus is taking his place in this teaching volume of A Course of Love as our teacher. (Toward the end of ACOL, he will resign as our teacher, saying that we have now learned from him, and that he is our companion in the future.)

We cannot learn on our own, even when we try the hardest. We need a wiser soul to take charge and lead us out of the maze in which we find ourselves. And Jesus, as our savior, takes this task of leading us out unto himself. What a blessing for us this really is! We don’t have to struggle to get free of eons of bad choices. He will show us the easy way out of the mess that we have made of our lives. He knows how to do it, and he is using A Course of Love as one gigantic teaching tool.

There are other pathways, of course. But if we find an affinity with A Course of Love, it behooves us to accept the savior who is channeling that work. And I believe that this is indeed Jesus. Many others believe this as well. And indeed we find many wise sayings in ACOL that vie for a place among the best advice ever given.

Let Jesus help today. Read the first volume of ACOL with new eyes. Accept Jesus as the savior, the teacher, who can lead us into creating the new world that he so wants us to become part of. What do we have to lose but our agony?

8 thoughts on “The Easy Way Out

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Thank you for writing in. Please turn to the page at the top of the blog that is called “About Miracles Each Day.” I think that will answer your question.

      Most cordially, Celia

  1. David Smith

    I cannot agree with this. This passage is based on Christian Salvation Theology where only Jesus can save you. What about the billions who never see or read ACOL? Are they hopelessly lost? I don’t believe so. Truth is available to all. Some need a teacher, but not all. Truth is available through direct revelation as well as through a teacher. And there are many teachers if we will but look. God surely would not reveal Ultimate Truth through only one channel, or one faith tradition, or one teacher.

    This teaching puts ACOL into a questionable state for me. In ACIM Jesus offers to lead us home, but nowhere to my knowledge does he say, “My way is the only way.”

    Just my opinion, and of course, I could be wrong. I hope not.

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      David —

      No, no, yes, there are other pathways! But if we have chosen A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as our guide, then Jesus is our guide. And he wants us to “accept” him. He says more about this in the Dialogues, the third part of A Course of Love.

      I agree with you. It is very shortsighted to think that Jesus is the ONLY way. I do not subscribe to Christian salvation theology either.


  2. ~meredith

    very insightful comments. sometimes, the “only” word can stop a train. thank you. i enjoy your posts, and this exchange was very helpful.


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