Love Is Meant to Be Vibrant & Alive

“To continue to identify love incorrectly is to continue to live in hell. As much as highs and lows of intense feeling are sought by some to be avoided, it is in the in-between of passionless living that hell is solidified and becomes quite real.” (ACOL, C:2.7)

We need to eliminate boredom from our lives, because boredom set in with that in-between of passionless living that Jesus mentions here. We often think that we need to eliminate drama from our lives, and then we feel little emotion, and we think that we are depressed. A Course in Miracles discussed the dilemma that we face when we eliminate drama and think that we are merely depressed. But there is a way of living that is not passionless, and that is not drama, either. When we love with all of our being, we are living in passion, but not necessarily in drama. When we love with all our being in the egoic state, there is plenty of drama, as our own life scripts will testify. But the love that Jesus counsels is vibrant and alive, just not filled with the highs and lows to which the ego takes us—always.

If we don’t identify love as our need, we will live in hell. A hell on this earth, in this world. And we have been living in a hell of our own making for far too long already. Think of the individuals who get up, get dressed, go into work at a job that they despise, and draw a paycheck that allows that passionless living to continue. Is this not a hell of our own making?

We may not see how we can change our lives today. But when we listen to the words of Jesus, we will get inklings of what to do differently. As much as we might think, we need courage to change our lives for the better. And that courage will come when we learn, first, how to love the life that we have, and, then, when and what to change to make a better life. The things to change will not be apparent at first. And they may not be obvious things. But our guidance, from the state of loving our life, will point to a better way of living.

And we will never regret that we chose the egoless passion of true living.


One thought on “Love Is Meant to Be Vibrant & Alive

  1. Thanks Celia. Yes. And I feel that it is also important to mention that We do not need to move to living a love-led life alone. Along with Jesus, there are Our brothers and sisters who are awakening too and who are even awake now that We can ask for help and support with the new.

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