God Loves Us Unconditionally

“Just as true knowledge cannot be learned, love cannot be learned and you cannot be learned. All that you desire and cannot learn is already accom¬plished. It is accomplished in you. It is you. Imagine the ocean or the cheetah, the sun or the moon or God Himself, attempting to learn what they are. They are the same as you. All exist within you. You are the universe itself.” (ACOL, C:3.2)

We are moving into a new era, announced by A Course of Love. We are moving beyond the learning that we have been seeking, into a new age where we see that we are The Accomplished. We don’t need to question our identity any longer. We don’t need to question our readiness for God to reach down and lift us up. We don’t need to question, period.

We are part of the Whole, the All, the One. And in so being, we don’t need to question what part of that Whole we embody. This is a moot point. We are part of the One, part of God, and we have reached a stasis of achievement that is not of the ego.

We are not learning the meaning of love in A Course of Love. This cannot be taught, as A Course in Miracles told us. But we are moving into the meaning of love simply by living the instructions given in ACIM and ACOL, not instructions on how to attain love, but assurances to us that love is our inheritance. We don’t have to learn what is ours by right. And God loves us unconditionally, as He always has, but which we couldn’t see when we were lost in the ego.

We embody what we are, which is Love’s essence entirely. Our ego has merely been a dream that is coming to be cast aside as a bad idea. We don’t learn what we are, but we live in love. And with that, our inheritance blossoms all around us, and we are happy.

5 thoughts on “God Loves Us Unconditionally


    and what is love, unless love knows love?
    for the one, god, to known love, he must have a daily delight 🙂 Proverbs 8 22-36 🙂


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