We Are the Light & Love of God Himself

“Into this rank confusion is brought a simple statement: Love is. Never changing, symbolizing only itself, how can it fail to be everything or to contain all meaning? No form can encompass it for it encompasses all form. Love is the light in which form disappears and all that is, is seen as it is.” (ACOL, C:3.8)

This quotation builds upon the one from yesterday, when we understood that we embody love. We don’t have to learn who or what we are (as if we could anyway), but we rest in the assurance that we are completed in Love. We are completed in God. And we are a part of God, walking on this earth, and in this form.

Love is the most exalted emotion that we can imagine. Nothing else comes close. Surely God knew that He must rest His universe on something that was so glorious that all of His creations would flock to it. And flock we do to Love. Of course, heretofore we have learned mostly of conditional love, and of dramatic love—complete with highs and lows. This was of the ego.

Now we are moving into the peace that passeth all understanding. This is what Love brings to us, when Love is in its fullness. Then our bodies and their forms seem inconsequential, and we rest in the fullness of the entity that surrounds and inhabits our bodies. This spirit does not need form, except for physical eyes to see. In our quiet times, we can feel the Love that overshadows us, independent of form. And then, when we go out again in the world, we take our forms with us, and others can see the light in our eyes that remains from our time with God.

Rest today in the assurance that the form that we occupy is illusory. It allows us to live in a physical world, and that is all. Be content today to know that what we are is ever so much more than a body. We are the light and love of God Himself.

2 thoughts on “We Are the Light & Love of God Himself

  1. Derek

    Thanks Celia. The body is surely illusory when viewed or seen by a seeming ego. The Holy Spirit sees it differently. As a communication device that can be used to deliver His message of Love, hope and peace. I find too many A Course in Miracle readers dismiss the body too easily. The ‘illusion’ is its ‘identification; as ‘me’. ‘That’s’ the illusion! When this illusion is corrected the body will serve a Holy purpose – not disappear. A Course of Love talks about our experience here as human beings not being a mistake. Our forgetfulness is the mistake. The mistake of a forgotten relationship with God, that once corrected, is forgotten too. We then enjoy the love and joy this Post and the last shared. Derek xo

  2. lvsrao

    Thank you. Rightly said.
    This Universe was created due to some reason at he will of GOD, whom we call Almighty. All is Illusory. It is Love that Persists.
    You have given nice post.


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