Open Our Hearts to Love

“These words of love do not enter your body through your eyes and take up residence in your brain, there to be distilled into a language that you can understand. As you read, be aware your heart, for this is where this learning enters and will stay. Your heart is now your eyes and ears. Your mind can remain within your concept of the brain, for we bypass it now and send it no information to process, no data for it to compute. The only change in thinking you are asked to make is to realize that you do not need it.” (ACOL, C:3.14)

This passage denotes the huge change in orientation to the Self that A Course of Love advocates: a movement from the mind to the heart. The heart that doesn’t need proofs and ruminations and thinking and resultant confusion that the mind exhibits. If one is told to consider a given idea with our heart, we will know immediately what is being asked. And we will do it, gladly, for somehow we recognize that the heart has knowledge that the mind doesn’t. We feel loved by our heart. We feel that whatever we take in in that way is chosen by us for a better life.

Later on, we will see that in actuality we merge the mind and the heart into what Jesus calls “wholeheartedness.” But we never forget the primacy of the heart as we seek to reach the better end to life on earth. The mind doesn’t get sent information to process; we just rest in the warmth that we feel from the heart when we are embracing love.

What better way is there to spend a day? Wounds of the heart heal when we magnetize love to them. We know that God loves us, though we can’t always know how or why. We just recognize that He will not let us down. We turn to Him, and everything is almost magically made right.

Open our hearts to love. That is one key to a better life in this world. Even this sad and troubled world. We will never find a better way to live. A way that is less likely to wound the heart afresh. Let God shower His love down on our hearts today.

He will not fail us.

3 Replies to “Open Our Hearts to Love”

  1. Wow, very nice! Thank you for writing this. It always amazes me to read all the messages we receive collectively. They all center around the heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Beautiful Celia. Yes. God loves God’s Children. In wholeheartedness We consciously rest again in Unity, in Christ-consciousness, and the enjoy the warmth of God’s forever sunshine. This we let lighten the world joyfully.

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