Little Nudges of Guidance

“Yearning, learning, seeking, acquiring, the need to own, the need to keep, the grasping call, the driving force, the chosen passion—all these things that you have made to replace what you already have will lead you back as surely as they can lead you astray.” (ACOL, C:4.8)

God is very smart. Of course. He chooses the very way that we have been led astray to bring us back. What would work better? I can’t think of anything, and God can’t either.

Yearning, learning, seeking, acquiring, etc., are powerful detriments to our glory. But they are also powerful incentives to come back Home. Our great power has been used to lead us astray, but that same power is now being used to lead us to a better place, the Home that we left eons ago. Is it not a fortunate thing that we live in such times, the time of Christ in which many will find their way to Christ-consciousness?

We don’t know why this epoch is now the time of Christ. Nor do we know why the time of the Holy Spirit has been superseded. Our questionings are vast, filled with the ignorance of self-betrayal. We would know more if we had experienced a transformation, the transformation that Jesus wishes us to choose. We can express willingness for this change to come about, and we need to do so, but we are not in total control of the timing—only God is. But rest assured that He will act to lead us into complete freedom, an imprisoned will no longer, when we are prepared.

Pray to be prepared sooner rather than later. Live mindfully. Live attentively. Learn through observation of the events and people surrounding us. Drop judgment, something that is within our power. Insofar as possible, drop fear (though this is less easily done than dropping judgment). Above all, listen to the nudges of guidance; these will come, unbidden, when we just allow a little willingness to listen. And the nudges of guidance come in many guises: intuition, overhead conversations, feelings, words arising in the mind that we don’t seem to have “thought,” the well-meaning advice of others that seems right on the nose. God finds a way to get through to us, if we will only lend half a mind to discern what He is saying.

5 thoughts on “Little Nudges of Guidance

  1. David Smith

    “Above all, listen to the nudges of guidance..”
    This is “the still small voice” within. Perhaps this is still the Holy Spirit, the voice for God working in harmony with the Christ Mind that continues to help in our awakening, guiding our way home. This would reflect the wholeness, the oneness of God Consciousness.

  2. Derek

    Hi Celia. I feel this Post misses an important point. We are Home now! We are dreaming that there is ‘work’ to do. This is mentioned in the Treatises as the simultaneous ‘forgetting’ (the ‘work’) and ‘remembering’ (that we are Home) that are occurring in unison. The answers to the questions you ask in the Post are answered in A Course of Love. The Time of Christ is the way of Jesus. The Holy Spirit, as an ‘intermediary’ between an apparently separate self and God, is no longer needed as we are learning together now in unity as the Self, achieved by the end of Book 1. Derek xx

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Derek —

      Good points. I hope that people will read your comments. I think that you are reading A Course of Love from the highest point, the optimal. Not everybody progresses as rapidly as Jesus hopes. For many of us, heaven is something that we need to experience more frequently, but not that we experience all the time.

      Most fondly, Celia


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