Living in Love Creates Transformation

“. . .[L]ove is nothing like your image of your life and has no resemblance to how you spend your days or the way your days will end. Love is all that is set apart in your perception from what you do here.” (ACOL, C:4.18)

Our perceptions of reality are skewed, at this point, early in the reading of A Course of Love. We think that we know how to love, but we really don’t, and it is this lack of knowledge that trips us up. We think we know what we do in our living on earth, but we are living an illusion. So true love actually has no part in what we are doing here; we only want to imagine that the special love of our special relationships is true reality. It is anything but.

We need to open to love in a way that we never have. We need to recognize that love will offer us a future unlike the past, a future that we will enjoy beyond measure. Living in love is the basis of transformation, the basis for Awakening or Christ-consciousness. We give up judgment, we give up fear, and we walk into the sunlight with Jesus. It is just that simple and just that hard, for, make no mistake, this change in orientation to the true world demands the giving of all that we have held dear. We won’t give up our special relationships, though; we will transform them into holy. And the change may be disconcerting, at least for a while. But this change from the special to the holy holds the key to all the rest. Make no bones about it, this change requires the surrender of all that we have held dear, for we have held dear what would imprison God’s Son or Daughter.

It is time to make a choice to give up illusions. It is time to walk Home. Jesus will help us. Other beings will help us. We never walk alone. God Himself will help us. The transformation that is required to see true reality is a change in vision, of the inner eye—not the physical eye. The transformation will come first in glimpses, lengthening in time, over time. Then, if we are very diligent in our forgiveness, in our giving up of judgment and fear, we will move into the maintenance of Christ-consciousness, and then, ultimately, into the sustainability of Christ-consciousness. And with this change, nothing will ever be the same again.

Ask for help in receiving the blessing of Christ-consciousness today. Ask to see the glimpses that foretell the future for all of us. Do not delay. Delay is likely of the ego, an ego that does not mean us well, for we made it, and we made it not through love. Choose love once again, and everything will fall into place.

4 thoughts on “Living in Love Creates Transformation

  1. Julian Brook

    For many of us, love is not really love, not unconditional and coming from a place of wholeness, but rather is is attachment and possession rooted in fear and a sense of lack. Our skewed perceptions of reality are rooted in a skewed perception of ourselves, as separate from God, or some notion of Jesus as a historical figure who represents something other than Christ consciousness itself, which is our true nature. When we ask for help, for God’s grace, I hope we are asking with the understanding that it comes from within, that God is not separate from us, and that the unconditional love we seek must start with unconditional love for ourselves. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Derek

    Thankyou Celia. Like the words: “It is just that simple and just that hard, for, make no mistake, this change in orientation to the true world demands the giving of all that we have held dear”. Yes, it is all or nothing. Or said another way, it is All exchanged for nothing. xx

  3. Maria

    thank you for the last lines ‘Do not delay.’ i have the tendency to wait until tomorrow, yet i’ve never seen it in the perspective that you put it-that it’s part of ego. thank you 🙂


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