A Miracle of Transcendence

“It is your continuing desire to have a relationship only with the world without that causes such a world to remain. This is because your definition of relationship is not one of joining. What you join with becomes real. As you take it into your Self you thereby make it real because you make it one with your real Self. This is reality. All you do not join with remains outside and is illusion, for what is not one with you does not exist.” (ACOL, C:5.17)

This world in which we find ourselves is illusion, and yet we, in our limited way, think that this illusory world is all that matters. We don’t have to think this way. We can have it another way, a better way. We can join with what surrounds, and in the joining does what surrounds us become internal and therefore one with us. This makes for a miracle of transcendence. We have taken this world into our Self and in the doing of this, this world becomes reality. It is one with us.

These are theological ideas, and, as such, can easily become divisive. We do not have to allow the theology of A Course of Love to divide us. We can accept what comes easily and effortlessly, and we can leave the remainder for another day. Not all of us, even genuine enthusiasts of ACOL, believe that the reality in which we find ourselves is illusion. And, certainly, this one passage indicates that when we join with the outer world, the outer world does become reality. True reality. The Self has encompassed the whole in which we find ourselves. And we are home in God, for God is the All, the One, in which we are enmeshed.

This one idea from this passage, the fact that when we join with the outer reality, it becomes real to us, is an idea of major importance. It answers some of the critics of A Course of Love, some who would say that not believing in the illusion of the physical world is a litmus test for our genuineness in our study, or even in the genuineness of A Course of Love.

Dwell with these ideas a while. See if they speak to us. I believe that they will. When we join with the outer world, we are joining with our concept of Love, and what we join with, in Love, becomes a part of us, a part of the true reality in which we find ourselves.
And finally we are indeed home in God.

7 thoughts on “A Miracle of Transcendence

  1. David Smith

    In the words of Mr. Spock, “Fascinating.” This is a much different way of seeing and understanding the world of illusion. Since accepting the world as illusion is the most difficult leap for any of us to make, this approach of making the illusionary part of our inner reality deserves much contemplation. “Fascinating.”

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      David —

      Mari Perron, the scribe of A Course of Love, has come into much criticism for saying that she believes that the physical world is real. She has said that the physical world is real in open forums. I think that subconsciously she has been remembering this passage. Maybe the physical world seems real to us when we move into true reality.

      Thank you for writing in.

      Fondly, Celia

  2. Derek

    Thanks Celia. When I wrote before that ‘Heaven and earth will no longer exist as separate states’, nor the human and divine, this is (Your Post) of what I wrote. Derek

  3. Susan Bernardini

    In ACIM it was stated over and over that the world was an illusion, that we were dreaming while, in “reality”, we were home and in the safety of Oneness with God.
    ACIM was written in and for the “time” of the Holy Spirit. For those just beginning their journey this is still true. It was important for the undoing of the ego to see the world as illusion because, all that the ego sees IS illusion. The ego-bound had to be taught that it’s world was illusion, because it WAS illusion.
    ACIM also talks about the real world, the happy dream, the sight and perception of which will become apparent once the ego is no more. This is the world of ACOL as seen and experienced from within the embrace. Jesus even says that desiring to experience life in form is not antithetical to God, and that once the desire occurred, the means we’re provided in the same action. Means and end are one!
    I’d love to read the critics of ACOL. Can you point to some? I wonder what is causing them to be fearful of it?
    Susan Bernardini

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Susan —

      You have a very advanced understanding of both ACIM and ACOL.

      I seek to avoid controversy, and so I would not single out those who try to detract from A Course of Love. If the work is valuable to you (as it is to me), then read with pleasure and happiness.

      And I would not be posting on my blog about A Course of Love if I thought that Jesus had not genuinely channeled it.

      Most cordially, Celia

  4. AHP Life Coaching

    Hello Celia, hope you’re well.

    One with knowledge on a course of love, must – by definition – be familiar with justice, for, love cannot exist without it. They are irrevocably the same.

    Love that cannot be justified does not make sense. Ergo; Love is Justice.


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