Learn What Our Heart Would Have Us Learn

“All this forgiveness can do for you. Forgiveness of the original error—the choice to believe that you are separate despite the fact that this is not so and cannot ever be. What loving creator would create a universe in which such a thing could be? A thing alone would be a thing created without love, for love creates like itself and is forever one with everything that has been created. This simple realization will start you on the path to learning what your heart would have you learn.” (C:6.6)

We already know that we need to forgive ourselves and our brothers and sisters, and even God Himself. But now we hear that we have to forgive the original error of supposed “separation,” that we once thought that we could ever be separate from one another and from God Himself. Love creates like itself, and love is forever one. This is enough for us to listen to today. This is enough for many days.

Our heart wants us to learn many things, but love is the principal thing that the heart would have us learn. And forgiveness of our misconceptions is a long way on the road to love.

Why would we ever want to be separate? We would just want to experience this, to see what it would be like to try to make a universe separate from our Creator. Just to do it. And God Himself joins in this endeavor, for we are part of God, and to do so without His cooperation would have been impossible.

We need today to put such foolishness aside forever. We don’t really want to retain a philosophy of living that is contrary to what is sane and rational, and being “separate” is not sane and rational. Why would we choose such agony for ourselves, for agony it is. The choice to be alone in all the universe is not a choice that can make any sense.

Our special relationships have taught us that we don’t really want to be alone. But they have their drama, the highs and lows of acceptance and rejection, and we don’t want that either. We must transform these inferior loves into holy relationships of joining one to the other in forgiveness and genuine love, not to get something, but to give. And in the giving we receive as well.

We do get tired of hearing that we have to forgive. But this is the basis of A Course in Miracles, and, as such, the starting point for A Course of Love. Let us proceed on this pathway a little longer, and then we will ultimately realize that we don’t have anything to forgive at all. It has all been an illusion, a dream, and we are willing to give it up in exchange for true reality—a dream no longer.

3 thoughts on “Learn What Our Heart Would Have Us Learn


    Yet love is nothing without the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess Almighty, the Holy Spirit, the Daily Delight of our Father, God Almighty 🙂
    Proverbs 8 22-36 🙂

  2. Derek

    Thanks Celia. Our choice to be love in form was an extension of love, was an extension of creation, supported by God. Our choice to loose or forget the fabric of ‘relationship’ (Christ) with God and All while exploring this new way began the ‘fall’. God did not enjoin us in this madness post that point as you allude to. The Holy Spirit was God’s answer to our madness to be separate from God. God is the anchor holding our holiness and divinity forever pure and untainted in God’s Mind so that we one day wake, as from a dream, realising that the dream never changed reality. We can then continue being love in form, and indeed, the calling, the vocation, of those who have completed A Course of Love, ‘is’ re-creating Heaven on earth consciously again through unity and relationship together. Derek

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Derek —

      A Course of Love does specifically say that the decision for separation was something that we and God agreed upon. He “let us go” like rebellious adolescents.

      Most cordially, Celia


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