Freely Give Away the Self

“Rejoice that there is something in this world that you will not bargain with, something you hold sacrosanct. This is your Self. Yet this Self that you hold so dear that you will never let it go is precisely what you must be willing to freely give away. This is the only Self that holds the light of who you are in truth, the Self that is joined with the Christ in you.” (ACOL, C:7.7)

We need to offer ourselves to our brothers and sisters in this world. This is what is meant by the Self being freely given away. We don’t lose by the giving away: It is a paradox, because we actually gain, and in amounts that we could never imagine before embarking on this course of “giving ourselves away.”

The Self will eventually be the elevated Self of form, when we have become enlightened, when we enjoy Christ-consciousness. This form is physical, but it does not employ the ego-mind any longer. The ego-mind is gone, once we have assimilated the first volume of A Course of Love. And this leaving is a very, very great blessing, far more blessed than we can even know, because for eons it has given us suffering and pain—and these are on the way out.

Physicality, as Jesus tells us in the Dialogues, is not a bad thing. We can choose physical form as our way for the future, if we want, even when we would not need to be reborn into the physical to find our way home. It is a new choice, but it is not a choice out of alignment with God’s wishes for us. This according to Jesus in the final volume of A Course of Love, the Dialogues.

But we will get to the Dialogues in due time. It is enough now to assimilate that we are to share and share freely with our brothers and sisters, for this is what “giving away” really means. Sharing does not seem, perhaps, to be so threatening a concept. And we do give away when we share.

We do not bargain with our Self, and this Self is the Christ Self Who is begging to be let out of our innermost being. When we freely open ourselves to Jesus’s words, we will share this Self with all, freely as well. The course is clear; the words unambiguous.

Think of way today that we might share our Self with others. We can “do” for them, but we can also simply be there for them. Our brothers and sisters, many of them, are hurting in this world. It behooves us to try to understand when they seem to attack us, and it behooves us not to return attack, but to give the gentle response.

The gentle response will always take us well ahead of where we were before we gave it. Be there for our brothers and sisters today; share all, indeed share more than we think we can. And the blessings of so doing will rain down upon our heads.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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