Listen to Our Heart

“The world does not keep you separate. You keep yourself separate from the world. This is what has made the world the world it is. What you withhold allows illusion to rule and truth to be locked away in a vault so impenetrable and so long secured that you have thought it forgotten. You have not realized the vault is your own heart, or that the truth is what you have chosen to keep secure and set aside there.” (ACOL, C:7.9)

This highly interesting passage explains that what has happened in our separation from God: We have also separated from each other in this world. Separation has become a plague that we didn’t know how to overcome, because we thought that separation was normal.

Separation is not normal. It is not as God intended. Our heart holds the key to understanding the way that living can really be. Our heart will project these answers onto the world and therefore transform it—when we let our heart speak to us. Until we risk a little exposure and open our hearts to each other, we still are mired in separation and distrust of each other.

Distrust of each other is a legitimate fear in this troubled world. But until we take the risk of exposing our real Self, the Christ Self, to others, we will be caught by the dangers imposed by the ego-mind, the egoic self, the little self that has not known transformation. And transformation is what we want. Opening the heart to others, even ever to slightly, will let us see that our projections now are much better than when those projections were informed by the ego-mind. We won’t get hurt in the same ways. Our projections from our Christ Mind will be healing in a way that projections from the egoic mind never were.

Make no mistake about: What we see outside of ourselves is a projection—a projection of the physical world as well as intangibles that we can’t place a finger upon. Projection makes perception, as A Course in Miracles is fond of saying. And with our choice to let the inner Christ Self out to play, we have far less to worry about. Our projections will be benign and healing.

Listen to our heart. That advice is promulgated through and through A Course of Love. Of course, we must join the heart to the mind, because otherwise our heart feelings might needlessly confuse us. But the heart takes the lead in ACOL. When we listen, we learn in new ways what Jesus is telling us.

And we project a new world. This is when creation of the new world really begins.

One Reply to “Listen to Our Heart”

  1. Thank you for your like Celia! How did you know I was a Course in Miracles student and just recently started A Course of Love with my local ACIM group. Pleasure reading and I look forward to more..

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