We Are One Whole with All

“It is from this center that you will come to understand that relationship exists in wholeness. We have begun to dislodge your idea that you stand separate and alone, a being broken off from all the rest.” (ACOL, C:7.20)

We need to first welcome our Christ Self, a Self taught us by our heart. And then we need to turn in relationship to God and to others. Our heart center will teach us much that is good and true. And we will no longer be alone and miserable when we recognize that we are not isolated from all others. We have thought that independence, being autonomous, was preferred over other ways to be. But this was our ego speaking to us. It desired to be autonomous, fearing interaction with others, leading us to fear it as well. Yet we learn in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love that we were never intended to hold ourselves apart from other people, never meant to hold ourselves apart from God (something that can happen only in illusion, of course).

So A Course of Love lets us know that a “being broke off from all the rest” does not define us. We are moving in unity and relationship to a new day. We are One with the whole, and One in relationship to the diverse others with whom we share the universe. This new way of viewing reality will hold us in good stead with none of the drawbacks that previously held sway in our deluded minds.

We will be whole when we join with others, and when we recognize that we are a part of God Himself. We will be broken fragments no longer. Our world view will have changed.

We normally feel all alone and lonely when we are feeling pity for ourselves, and pity is not justified. We are beloved of God, and He always meets us in unity. We have felt separated from Him as well, in the past, but we are moving beyond this belief. Now that we have moved away from our illusory separation, God will feel much closer to us. It is all a change in our point of view. This closeness to God will be mirrored in our relationship to our very selves, as well as our relationship with others.

Be glad that we are not all alone and lonely. Rejoice in the new knowledge that we are meant to share our universe with all others.

2 thoughts on “We Are One Whole with All

  1. Derek

    Thanks Celia. Later in the Treatises, which I know You will eventually write about as well, we learn that ‘relationship’ is Christ’ and that ‘all’ relationship is holy. It reflects the oneness and unity you write about here.

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