Prayer Warms the Heart

“Accept a new authority, even if only for the little while that it will take you to read these words. Start with this idea: You will allow for the possibility of a new truth to be revealed to your waiting heart. Hold in your heart the idea that as you read these words—and when you finish reading these words—their truth will be revealed to you. Let your heart be open to a new kind of evidence of what constitutes the truth.” (ACOL, C:7.23)

When we are feeling down and also confused, it helps to find a friend who can advise us. This is what Jesus is doing in this passage for today. He is offering to be our new authority. And because he is Jesus, we can accept his authority with grace.

We can open the heart to allow new truth to come in. We can live better than we ever have before; A Course of Love welcomes just such an opportunity. The idea that we turn to our heart instead of our mind is helpful in the extreme. All of us know immediately what is meant by turning to the heart. This in itself emphasizes the brilliance of Jesus’s idea. He knows that we will understand. And this understanding of the pivotal place of the heart in our future decision making is necessary for success in the new endeavor in which we find ourselves.

When we turn to the Christ Self, Who is a part of God, we learn anew what it is to trust the heart. We need to let our Christ Self totally consume our mind. Then when the mind, the new mind, is joined to the heart, we have the wholeheartedness about which Jesus speaks so eloquently.

In prayer we can open to this Christ Self in a way that we never have before. Our prayers have previously dwelt upon the idea that God was external to us, and thus we prayed, in the darkness, to an Entity Who would decide whether or not to give us what we were asking. This is not the logic of prayer as presented in A Course of Love. We turn inward, to our heart, and then we listen for the guidance of the (inner) Christ Self. It is not clear from A Course of Love if this guidance is coming directly from God, though I would be inclined to say that it is (an interpretation). I don’t think that God turned us out in the illusion, knowing nothing of our activities. (This again is an interpretation, not shared by all students/teachers of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.) I see God as omniscient, and this includes knowing what His beloved creations are doing once they (we) lost themselves (ourselves) in illusion.

So open the heart and mind to wholeheartedness. Know that the truth can and will be revealed to a listening Self. This Self does not know illusion. This Self knows the truth that we hope to have revealed.

The way is not hard. Jesus has walked this way before us, and why not learn from his pioneering effort?

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