We Remember and Thereby Reclaim Heaven

“This remembering is not of former days spent upon this earth, but of remembering who you really are. It comes forth from the deepest part of you, from the center in which you are joined with Christ. It speaks of no experiences here, wears no faces, and bears no symbols. It is a memory of wholeness, of all to all.” (ACOL, C:8.4)

Being who we are is a prime emphasis in A Course of Love. And here is virtually the first mention of it in the first part, the Course proper. We do not need to brood on what has befallen us in the past; we need to move beyond such obsessions to a better day in the future.

And we can do so. Our way home is actually simply a remembering. We are not creating anew when we seek to reclaim what used to be ours, in our home in heaven. Heaven is not a place nor a condition, as A Course in Miracles tells us. It is the awareness of Oneness, nothing else outside this Oneness, nothing else within. We are sure of just one thing: We want God in all His fullness. And the inner Christ Self is that part of us who remembers Who God is.

The Oneness of which I spoke, above, is the memory of wholeness. We have so often been fragmented and discontented in our everyday lives. We have found ourselves depressed, angry, misunderstood (or so we thought); we have found any number of negative states of mind.

A Course of Love invites us to remember the real wholeness of the Self through listening to what our heart tells us. No more than this is required. No more than this is even recommended.

We cannot fail, for we have a savior who stands by our side, holding our hand along the journey without distance. Jesus is here for us, cloning himself, outside time and space, whenever we make one unequivocal call for him. He is our mainstay, the way that we continue without struggle on the pathway home to God.

Let us be grateful today, as we seek to be more contented, that we have such a companion to speed us along the way.

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