Safe within Our Heart Is Love’s Reality

“Safe within your heart lies love’s reality, a reality so foreign to you that you think you remember it not. Yet it is to this reality we head as we travel deep within you to the center of your Self.” (ACOL, C:8.9)

Why has Jesus been encouraging us, previously, to follow our heart? He is heading us toward love. Here, in this passage, he is focusing on the Self, which is the center of our being and the home of the Christ Who is within us all. This Self is known both by the heart and the new mind, the mind shorn of the ego. This Self knows love, for here we also find God.

We have not yet gone back far enough. We don’t remember love well enough, and love requires a recollection from eons ago—before the ego-mind took hold in an illusory separation from God. We are merely traveling a road, retracing steps back from a journey without distance that we took to detour into fear. We need to leave fear behind, in whatever ways we, and Jesus, have determined we might best do that. Fear will eclipse the love that our heart wants to feel, for our heart seems to have a mind all its own. In wholeheartedness, we are in fact joining the heart to the mind, and so the heart does have a mind of its own. But not an egoic mind.

We need to reach deep within us for this blessing. This means prayer with depth, nothing superficial. Or meditation. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus seems to discount the form of meditation called contemplation as tedious and time-consuming. But the Workbook ends with prayers to God our Father, and short prose statements that are essentially meditational in nature. We need quiet to read these passages. And so prayer and meditation does seem to be a part of the pathway that Jesus is pointing out for us to take.

Jesus often speaks of “reality” in A Course of Love as well as A Course in Miracles. True reality is something quite different from the illusion, the dream, with which we have been concerned so very long. Certainly love is a big part of true reality. And safe within our heart is the love that we seek. Because we seek with earnestness, we will surely find. God does not hide Himself from us, though we are likely to think this when we are lost in egoic contemplation. The type of contemplation that we are trying to have now will be a far cry from the ego’s understanding. We seek, and we find. And the ego falls by the wayside.

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