Find Heaven Here

“Your ‘other’ home is the home you feel as if you have left and the home you feel the desire to return to. Yet it is where you are, and you could not be anywhere else. Your home is here. You think this is incongruous with the truth as I’m revealing it, the truth that heaven is your home, but it is not. There is no here in the terms that you would think of it, the terms that set your reality in a location, on a planet, in a body. God is here and you belong to God.” (ACOL, C:8.17)

We sometimes wonder if we can have heaven on earth, as A Course of Love seems to tell us. We wonder mightily, for the world in which we live is troubled, difficult, and full of tragedies and problems. But there is a way that we can see anew; we can see a heaven on earth when our perceptions are cleansed. Projection makes perception, and when we realize this fully, we will have taken a giant step toward true knowledge that is not dependent on perception at all. Knowledge of the revelation that we get from God, and “God is here and you belong to God.”

When we assume the elevated Self of form, in Awakening or Christ-consciousness, we will know whereof Jesus speaks in this passage. We will occupy a physical form, but it will show us a heaven on earth. This is not my interpretation, but straight from the pages of A Course of Love. We don’t have to wait until the afterlife to experience heaven. When our perceptions are cleansed, we will experience that great blessing right here, right now.

While caught in the egoic mind, we often yearn for something better. But we can have that something better when we move in its direction. When we welcome the Christ Self from within, to come out, we know a better experience. We are no longer complaining about our days. We know a peace that overshadows the objective facts of our sometimes difficult lives. We rise above the difficulty; it is just that simple. God shows us a new way to interact with this world and a new way to live in this world. The new way is open to us, and we walk more smoothly along the pathway that God points out to us.

Walk a better way today. Stop the complaints; stop the agony. A simple change of mind is all that is needed. And this change of mind comes when we realize that God is with us. He is always with us. And He will lift our minds to a higher level, so that we don’t wallow in misery and unhappiness.

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