Making a New Decision for Enlightenment

“Everything is held together by the thought system that gave birth to it. There are but two thought systems: the thought system of God, and the thought system of the ego or the separated self. The thought system of the separated self sees everything in separation. The thought system of God sees everything in unity. God’s thought system is one of continuous creation, rebirth and renewal. The ego’s thought system is one of continuous destruc¬tion and disassembly, of decay and death. And yet how like they are one to the other!” (ACOL, C:8.25)

The last sentence in this passage seems to be a puzzler, until we realize that the ego has attempted to copy and then transform what our personal, or little, self tried to remember from true reality. The ego’s world mimics the real world, but it changes things so drastically that the whole world view of the ego is detrimental, in the extreme, to our well-being.

We need simply to realize that the ego has made a world in opposition to what is true. And this world, born of an illusory separation from God, hurts us. We were never meant to be out of communication with our Creator. We did not create ourselves (as much sometimes as we try to think that we did), and the only sane response to the truth is to fall in line with what creation holds for us. What we meant to be and to do. Using our free will to choose separation was at least an illogical act, one that has caused us to suffer greatly over eons. Now we stand at the point of making a new decision, a decision for Christ-consciousness, a change that will purify our sight and make a new life for us. And when this change is effected, we will be living in line with God’s thought system.

Many things will change with Christ-consciousness, but we do not have to feel that life will remain bad until that happening comes about. The Holy Spirit brings happy dreams, when we let His guidance direct our ways. And these happy dreams are harbingers of the best that awaits us, when we have walked the whole pathway back to God. The happy dreams are still illusion, of course, but a joyous way to spend the time between now and Christ-consciousness. We will no longer feel discouraged with the flow of our days; we will find things to be joyous about as we walk a better way in this world.

So: First we turn aside from the ego, not by resisting it, but by simple turning away. To resist is to make stronger, the last thing that we want. Just turn aside from egotistical leanings, choose nothing out of ego, and see if the intangible blessings of God do not rain down upon our heads. Then turn to God’s way of thinking, the way that He meant for his creations to think. This turning inward to the Christ Self is calm and peaceful, a new day indeed. And when we turn inward to our Self, we are guided in even more precise ways to reach God again—in illusion no longer, but in true reality.

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