Live the Day as a Thing of Joy

“This is the truth of your existence, an existence in which your eyes deceive you but your heart believes not in the deception. Your days are but evidence of this truth. What your eyes behold will one day deceive you while what your heart beholds will the next day see through the deception. And so one day lived in your world is misery incarnate and the next a thing of joy.

“Rejoice that your heart is not deceived, for herein lies your path to true remembering.” (ACOL, C:8.29-30)

We have highs and lows in this world. A good day, a bad day, a day full of drama so that there are both highs and lows in the same day. This is what Jesus understands so well. When we look with our physical eyes, we often see something bad. But, he says, looking with the heart gives a different and much better view to our living. When we are deceived into thinking that all is lost, we wake up the following day with a better viewpoint. And this following day we are listening to our heart. The heart holds the key. A Course of Love emphasizes the heart repeatedly.

What can we do to ensure a good day? The day that begins right has an advantage over one in which we struggle to get out of bed. It is always possible to start the day over if things go badly, but time is saved if we get off to a good start from the beginning. Getting out of bed right away is a tip of mine for a better day. To lounge around is to invite speculation about one’s life, and when one is in a fog from heavy sleep, the speculation often turns negative.

Mornings are frequently the worst time for anyone who battles depression, and a mild depressed spirit follows many of us around who are trying to make a way through this world. As the day proceeds, our mood may lift, and what we can do to cause that lift to happen sooner and sooner is to focus on what we feel in our heart. What would our heart have to say about this situation in which we find ourselves? What solutions present themselves that are filled with love? These two questions are identical. When we follow the way that love prompts, we are setting ourselves up for success. Nothing the physical eyes can show us will ever succeed by nearly as much.

Jesus understands our predicament. The passage for today bears repeated readings, for the compassion that emanates from it is palpable. We need also to treat ourselves with the compassion that comes of authentic self-love, for not only do we need to love God and other people. Without a genuine self-love, our days will seem lackluster, and any depression to which we are prone will deepen.

See today if we can’t look to the things of the heart, particularly the love that the Christ Self embodies. This Self will heal us, being an extension of God Himself. Then the highs and lows of our lives will smooth out, and the heart will have directed us to a new high in spirit-filled living.

4 Replies to “Live the Day as a Thing of Joy”

  1. Very well said and written. Basically, to live in the positive spiritual realm where GOD resides instead of focusing on the natural realm which is what our eyes see. I call GOD’s greatness into my life. As daughters of the Most High God, we inherit those qualities. HE directs to our self healing and thereby everything around us heals as well. :O) Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

  2. Thanks Celia. In the Reviews that I am writing on the ‘A Course of Love – Australia’ Facebook Group, about feelings, we are learning there that it is our ‘feelings’ that need to be accepted in any moment we are in, by who we are in that moment, for certainty to come, and natural direction to follow. It is about living in the present moment and being attentive to being and not circumstances which will at all times be varied. It isn’t so much the circumstances that are important; how we ‘feel’ about the circumstances is the key point that Jesus is making so far in the Reviews completed. I share this to add to your Post as another helpful daily, mm, moment-by-moment, practice.

  3. So true. This was a personal lesson experienced yesterday, thank you for the confirmation. A potential conflict appeared to be happening when perceived at face value, but my heart said it was not and it turned out to be true. I asked for the wisdom in that situation to be revealed, and it was.

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