Eliminating Fear from Our Lives

“Fear always lies one step beneath the surface of a situation because it lies one step beneath the surface of your self. Peel back the first level of what your eyes allow you to observe and you will find fear lurking there.” (ACOL, C:9.15)

This passage indicates that we are controlled by fear. This is the situation when we are living in, or just emerging from, an egoic present. We need to walk further along to escape from the fear, because the fear lurks just below the surface of our little self, the self that has blessed the ego.

Our situations seem fearful because we are fearful. How could it be otherwise? Our projections make our perceptions, as A Course in Miracles tells us. Now A Course of Love uses other words to say the same thing. We will make very little progress as long as we don’t face, then accept the fear, float past it, and then let time pass as we walk yet further along our paths. These tips come from a book on anxiety disorder by Claire Weekes.

The nerves of our physical bodies have become sensitized to fear. The stress has gotten to us, and we cannot be at peace for very long at all. We know what to do, but we conveniently forget. This will never do for long.

We can use our fear to come closer to God. If we are anxious, we are likely to pray more often for a surcease to our anxiety. And we may try meditation as a way to calm our minds.

These practical ways do help, but the most efficacious is to listen to the heart, as encouraged in A Course of Love. What is the fear lurking underneath the anxieties? What in our lives need to be changed in order to walk a smooth pathway?

Test out your own solutions to fear and anxiety. Talking to a sympathetic person can help, but we need ultimately to depend on the Self within to be let loose from bondage by the egoic, little self. Until we let the inner Christ Self take over and run our lives, year in and year out, we will remain one short step from our fears.

2 thoughts on “Eliminating Fear from Our Lives

  1. bunchup

    Reading your piece, is an eye opener for me, because l had always dealt with fear and anxiety in the past, but your post has given me a renewed courage . Thanks

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