Taking a Look at the Real World that God Created

“Let me say again that this is your misguided attempt to follow in creation’s way. God gave all power to his creations, and you would choose to do this as well. Your intent is not evil, but guided by the guilt and false remembering of the separated self. As much as you have desired anonymity and autonomy from God, still you blame God for creating a situation in which you think you have been allowed to hurt yourself. How could God allow all this suffering, you ask? Why does He tempt you with such destruc¬tive forces? Forces beyond your control? Why did not God create a world benign and unable to harm you?” (ACOL, C:9.46)

These questions, which Jesus suggests we would ask, are good questions indeed. But the primary Answer is that we have been given free will, and the secondary Answer is that we have remembered incorrectly how to make illusion—remembering just a bit of true creation, enough to trip us up. We are mimicking true reality when we make illusions in our world, but we have been protected by God. All that we see that is not an intangible benefit of love is illusion. And illusion does not truly harm anyone or anybody at all.

This is the false remembering of the separated self, and this false remembering is why we have gotten ourselves in such a mess. We don’t create truly when we are in our egoic frame of mind. We “make,” not “create.” And what we make does hurt, but only in the illusion, and only coming out of the illusion will save us. This healing of the separation is what A Course of Love is about. And even this separation has been illusory, for we could not separate from God, of whom we are a part, and still live.

A Course of Love indicates, in just the next paragraph from the one quoted, that God did indeed create a benign world. Of course, we can’t understand this while we are in egoic consciousness. We see misery and despair, but Jesus says in ACOL that we will not see this with our vision (our Christ vision) when we have joined God in union. I think that this assertion comes because our interpretation of what we see with Christ eyes will be different. We won’t look on misery and despair, and callously say that it is not there! No, not this at all. But we will actually see through understanding eyes, and we will know that the illusory misery and despair are not real. We will truly understand how this changes everything.

Does this make sense to us now? No, of course not. And Jesus is not just twisting words around to confuse our egos. He really means what he says, and he means it with love. Walk a little further in the heart-based commentary that A Course of Love really is, before we say that this can’t be true. What the heart sees with eyes that are not physical is a far cry from what our physical eyes and our limited understanding show us now. What our heart will show us is a benign world, created by God, not made by us. And we will thank heaven that this is so.

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