Become Aware of What Love Is

“What love is cannot be taught. Remember that your task here is to remove the barriers that keep you from realizing what love is. That is the learning goal of this Course—your awareness of what love is—and no earthly course can take you beyond this goal. It is only your willingness that is required.” (ACOL, C:11.5)

Several people have critiqued A Course of Love by quoting A Course in Miracles to the effect that love is beyond what can be taught. But they had not read ACOL, for here is the same sentiment. What we can do is remove the barriers to the awareness of love; that much is without our power.

And A Course of Love goes a step beyond ACIM, in that we have something to replace the ego, once it has been disavowed. We have a new Self, an elevated Self of form, one that takes us where we are and grants us peace. We know that the time of the Holy Spirit has been superseded by the time of Christ. And we know that the inner Christ Self is what animates us. These truths were not apparent from A Course in Miracles. So Jesus did have unfinished business with us before he channeled ACOL.

Now we know that the heart is the center of our being, and the guiding point for our way home. The Christ Self speaks to us through our heart. We “feel” rather than “think.” And the feeling is always warm and inviting. We know the peace that passeth understanding. And we know love.

We need our willingness to embrace these concepts. And then we will have taken more steps along the pathway. We may, indeed, be farther along than we imagine. Just remember to keep the faith, and all will indeed be well. Very well indeed.

2 thoughts on “Become Aware of What Love Is

  1. Paula Hardin

    Celia, thank you for this (and all) your postings. Sometimes I just nourish myself at your banquet table without replying, but since your post on ACOL I nudge myself to give you feedback.

    Love cannot be taught, maybe, yes, but I know I have been possessed by the need to observe what appeared to me as loving and responded by doing that very thing. (I was love deprived and wanted to remedy that as I KNEW love was the answer to life.) So, in my early 20’s when I met people I felt loved and affirmed by, I noted what they did to show their love. In one example, a woman would touch me on my arm when she talked to me, and I liked that, so I began touching people on their arms as I talked to them. This I look back on as me trying to move into love’s territory from the far country where I felt I was until then. Even as I write this, I have moist eyes for my 20 something year old and her quest to know love (I am 82 now). If its willingness that is required to know love, I have love in full measure! It’s been a lifetime goal.

    1. Celia Hales Post author

      Thank you so much, Paula! It warms my heart that you are taking on new literature, ACIM and ACOL, as you grow older.

      You will be a role model for me as I grow older.

      Love, Celia


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