God Did Not Banish Us from Heaven

“While you still view yourself as a body, you cannot help but think of God as a vengeful God whose final vengeance is your own death. While you still think of your self as a body, it is easier to accept that your banishment from paradise was God’s decision, not your own.” (ACOL, C:11.9)

Actually our detour into separation was a joint decision of God and Self, as we are told later on in A Course of Love. This is a necessary understanding, due to our coming to see that God and we are not separate at all, but One, with us being a part of Him. But we get into trouble when we see ourselves as our bodies, for then we project God, and we blame him for the plight in which we find ourselves. Separation didn’t have to mean what it has come to mean; the ego didn’t have to arise. To live in a body without an ego is just where we are heading with the elevated Self of form. And this incarnation in bodies might have been lived as a Self all along.

Instead, we got impatient. And so God “let go,” just as parents let overly ambitious teenagers go their own way in rebellion from them. We were not ready for the best that God could offer in form. And so a mistake occurred, a mistake that could not happen in reality, but that could happen in illusion. And so we projected illusion from our egos, and this world and universe were formed. Our own making did this. Not “creation,” but “making,” for we reserve the word “creation” for true reality.

So stop, today, seeing our bodies as ourselves. Our bodies are just projections. And that is part of the reason that they get sick so often. Our minds are sick, and they project a body that builds on the same sickness. If we would know healing, we must get beyond this misconception about our bodies being ourselves. We can make this transition, and it behooves us to make this transition quickly. God Himself does not want to see us suffer, though he knows the reason for it and does not Himself know the suffering that we do. An all-knowing being may, indeed, not see into the illusion at all. There is a difference of opinion among ACIM and ACOL students about this, for some believe that God does not see into the illusion. I differ on this point. Since God and Self are one, I think the Deity knows precisely what we are going through, and is moved by it. This does not have to be anthropomorphism. We are a part of God, and he lives the lives that we are living. We are His means of expression as well as His means of experience.

We can regain paradise. Home is there waiting for us. It takes only willingness, as A Course of Love makes plain.

Let us exhibit this little bit of willingness today. For it is just a “little bit.”

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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