Love Is the Answer–Still

“The word love is part of your problem with this Course. If I were to take the word love and change it to some sophisticated-sounding technical term, and say this is the stuff that binds the world together in unity, it would be easier for you to accept. If I were to say you know not of this sophisticated term and this is why you have believed in your separation rather than in your unity with all things, you would be far more likely to nod your head and say, ‘I was but ignorant of this, as was everyone else.’” (ACOL, C:12.1)

This passage quotes in full what I alluded to in the blog yesterday, the allusion to imagining love to be something new and different, a new something that we have never heard of before.

Now we know that this is not true, and can we fool ourselves that we know not of love? That we don’t realize that it is the stuff of unity, one to another?

Of course not. We know enough from our reading of A Course of Love that we are seeking to know union with God, with Self, with others. We share in one world and one universe, and it is only in the sharing that we come into our own. And Love is the “stuff” of which God is made. Our Christian tradition has long told us that God is Love. But have we believed this?

Now is the time for belief in love as the Answer. And the means of coming to know this true reality is to listen to our heart. Until we do, all is truly lost. But it is an easy decision to listen to the heart. Feelings come from the heart, and from A Course in Miracles, we have learned that guidance frequently comes through feelings. If it doesn’t “feel” right, we have schooled ourselves not to do it. And rightly so.

So if we have tried love and failed (or so we think), let us try again. What failed was the egoic love of special relationships, but we have learned in ACOL that holy relationships are the only way to go. The only meaningful and lasting way. An end to the special, but not an end that we would rue. There is no reason to think that we will lose in giving up special relationships, though our egoic minds tell us that we will. The heart knows better. We will gain and gain fully in loving all with a holy love. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we seek physical expression for this holy love. We may still limit our displays of physical affection. But the gist of holy love can be for all.

And it will be no mystery as to why we are healed.

2 thoughts on “Love Is the Answer–Still

  1. Lady CAS

    Yes it is! Love is always the answer even when we think it is not! We can love from a distance, love up close, love ourselves, love all the time! Love is great! Never stop loving!

  2. reginacg1966

    Since Friday night the love I have felt from Jesus has changed my whole being and can not and won’t ever leave His presence. I had to learn that I was blocking myself from love because of the pain it can cause but Jesus told me even if it hurts sometimes it doesn’t matter cause at least you fully loved. To block it is not to live, your dead inside and you might as well be physically dead.


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