Feel the Warmth of Love

“You will soon find that what you recall of spirit is love. You will want to give it many names at first, and might not even recognize it as love, for it will come without all the longing and sadness you so often associate with it.” (ACOL, C:13.5)

Virtually all of us have known unrequited love of the romantic sort, love that we offered but which was rejected, love that didn’t come back to us. And because this love was so pivotal to our development, we often think of it, with its longing and sadness, when we think of love at all.

But Jesus says here that there is a love that knows no longing or sadness. It is the love that we are going to come to recognize more and more as we read A Course of Love. It is the one solution to every problem. And if we hadn’t already known that, now we do.

We are trying to remember the past, eons ago, when we were One with God in spirit and truth. What we will remember, Jesus tells us, is the love that we experienced. This love comes with a warmth that is not of this world. This warmth embraces us in the embrace that Jesus likens to an enclosure with the whole wide world.

Give our spirits a chance today to feel the warmth of love.

We may never be the same again.

2 thoughts on “Feel the Warmth of Love

  1. Anne Solveig

    I love this post too… and the way you express the messages in an easy to understand – way..
    The warmth of Love… Yes I can feel it…thats the true love…


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