Lasting Love

“This can be most clearly seen in relationships that were once “everything” to you and have since failed you. This can be a memory of any relationship, and each of you has one. It can be of parent and child, of best friends, of a marriage or a partnership, or even that of a mentor or student. Whatever the relationship’s configuration, it was one that truly brought you joy. Within it you were happy and felt as if you needed nothing more than this. It was a relationship so intense that at its peak you would have begun to see its continuation without change as the major goal of your life.” (ACOL, C:14.11)

Here Jesus is taking a look at the special relationship(s) that once seemed to be “everything” for us. He indicates later on that while we learned much from this relationship(s), it is now time to turn to the holiness that is possible in relationships.

Jesus indicates that we have all had such a relationship, and that it can take many forms. Yes, indeed. We often found rejection in relationships such as this, and this rejection has wounded us, making us wary of future relationships.

We don’t have to let the past dictate our future. The fact that we once loved deeply but paves the way for future love. While it seemed that the other person was the real reason for our love, the love that we were feeling was coming from deep inside us. We were capable of that much love, and that is a welcome idea indeed.

Walk on into new love relationships, but make them holy—wanting only the best for the other, not choosing to make of the relationship something that is self-serving. We do know the difference, though the acknowledgment may come only later on.

Holy relationships with all brothers and sisters are the way that we are walking. We are eliminating special relationships, but we will lose nothing by this elimination. Keep our minds and hearts solely on the good, the true, and the blessed, and we will know happy times in love again. This time to last.

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