Make a Determination to End Fear

“Only fear breeds the feelings of lack that stand with it, the cornerstone of the foundation of your separate world. You do not realize that you have created a universe for yourself, a universe that you are required to main¬tain, and that without your effort would dissolve.” (ACOL, C:14.16)

We need to just let “our” universe dissolve, for it is a universe of illusion that seeks to remain separate from our God. We know by now that this has never worked, can never work. When we let God heal the separation, we will still live in this physical universe (if we choose), but the universe that we look out upon will be very different. With separation from God healed, we will be One with Him, one with each other, one with nature.

Fear (and judgment) are the great dividers as we seek to return to Oneness. How do we eliminate fear? How do we realize that we actually lack for nothing in a world that is no longer separate from God, even in illusion?

The only emotion stronger than fear is love, and when we intend, mightily, to love our God, each other, ourselves, and our physical world, we are putting ourselves on the right track. Often it is insecurity that breeds fear. We are insecure with each other, fearing that we won’t even be accepted, much less loved. And this leads directly to a lack of love for others, for we become self-centered in our interactions. And others pick up on this, and are turned off.

When we make a determination to feel love, often the determination will precede the emotion. The determination will lead us into the emotion of love. And our mood will rise dramatically. And with this elevation of mood, our insecurity in the company of others will dissipate, for our self-confidence will rise.

These dynamics work, but they don’t work well if we are trying to use ego to set in motion the dynamics. We need to make a determination also that we will do nothing that smacks of egotism, that we will not seek to raise our worth in our own eyes nor the eyes of others. We will simply be ourselves, regardless of the company. If we can manage it, this choice is eminently freeing. And it leads directly to a feeling of love and caring for those with whom we are dealing.

Choose to eliminate fear. Of course, in our limitations this won’t work all the time and it won’t work perfectly. But it is a start. And when transformation comes (for transformation comes after fear and judgment have ceased), the change will be immediately evident to ourselves. Some others will see and notice, but many will not.

But the way in which we survey the world will undergo a sea change. And because nothing will ever be the same again, we will maintain, and then sustain, Christ-consciousness.

Now this is a goal worth having.


4 thoughts on “Make a Determination to End Fear

    1. I didn’t mean to say this. There may be some non-believers who can conquer fear; I don’t actually know, because I have had faith in God beginning in my childhood.

      Thank you for writing in. I would welcome hearing from you again about this.


  1. Hi Emma, (that’s my name too by the way :))

    Like Celia, I don’t know either……However, what I do know is that Love conquers all (1 Corinthians 13), and God is Love (1 John 4:8), so that leads me to think that if it is indeed possible, it would would be much much harder to conquer fear without faith in God….

  2. Another spectacular article Celia. I love reading your posts because they make me ‘think’…..
    I especially loved your point on determination. It brought to mind a book by Joyce Meyer…..Battlefield of the Mind. Thanks for sharing.

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