Love Is an Embrace of All as One

“Let us ask instead how loving all as one can bring harm? If you love all the same, what loss is there to anyone, including the one you would choose to make special? All that is lost is specialness. This is the view of life you cannot imagine bringing about, or bringing joy in its coming. But this is what you must begin to imagine if you desire to accept love’s coming instead of to reject it once again. For your refusal to give up specialness is your refusal of the Christ in you and a refusal of love itself.” (ACOL, C:14.31)

Many of us will find this teaching of Jesus about special love to be disconcerting in the least and probably also incomprehensible. We have always thought that our special love for significant others was, indeed, “special.”

But Jesus says that we are missing something. The love that he is asking for us to feel is part of the embrace that he enveloped us in (a little farther over in the first part of ACOL). This love is so magnificent that it can, and does, embrace everyone. Of course, we have different expressions for that love, and physical love of everyone is, of course, not part of what Jesus is saying. (Physical love is in no way denigrated by Jesus, though, in ACOL.)

He wants us to love all as one, to recognize that the God within is in league with all. This One is something that may be beyond our understanding at this point. Let us simply trust that Jesus says that loving all as One will not detract in any way with the love that we feel for our significant others.

Indeed, the special love will lead to the holy. And the love that we have had for our significant others will serve as a teaching tool for loving all with a sacred love. We won’t hurt our significant others by expanding our love, as long as that love is responsible and not hurtful in any way.

This hard truth of Jesus needs some careful, prayerful consideration. There is a truth to what he says that we cannot understand fully—yet. But I trust him to lead us to understanding.

And I trust that by including all in my love, I will not hurt my significant others in any way at all. Our love will actually be enhanced as we learn more about sharing.


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