Leave Behind Fantasies of Specialness

“You may ask now why it doesn’t seem so, and the only answer is that you do not want it to. You perceive but what you wish for, and your wish for specialness leads you not to see sameness anywhere at all, for what is the same cannot be special.” (ACOL, C:16.2)

We create our own reality. This long-stated New Age credo is applicable here. We project from within what we perceive without, and what we perceive without is what we wish for—on some level. Thus, because we want specialness to be the truth, we think we see it everywhere. But it is a mirage, for our inequalities are an untruth. We are equal one to the other, as God intended. Our separation, our illusory separation from God, has not changed that. We will do well to remember that we are neither inferior nor superior to anybody. We may temporarily have talents that others lack, but this is a temporary expedient only. In eternity all gifts are shared equally.

There is a strong warning in the quotation for today. If something good doesn’t seem so, and the only answer is that we do not want it to seem so, then where does that leave us but in a fantasy world? And such it is. We are living in illusion, at least until we cross the barrier into Christ-consciousness, when true reality will seem much more real than anything else.

Why would we want specialness to be true? We are listening to the ego, who feels all alone and lonely, but who actually likes it that way if its specialness can remain intact. The ego is a part of our belief about ourselves, and a lamentable part, but we ourselves must take steps to turn aside (gently) from its counsel. Then and only then will we begin to see the sameness between ourselves and others. We will finally have found the easiest place to challenge the ego, for ego-oriented thinking will have lost its hold on us.

Be sure today that we are equal to all. Not inferior, not superior, but one in sameness. This is the truth.

And, if we contemplate our lives, we will realize that we would actually have it no other way.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would leave behind my specialness today and every day, knowing that I would not choose ego-oriented ways of thinking any longer. This choice ensures that I am following what You would wish for me. It also ensures happiness for me, because to think, in error, that I am either inferior or superior is to think falsely. And to bring unhappiness down on my head.

I would wish for your blessing today as I seek to be compassionate of all whom I encounter. They may not know the blessing of reading A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love, but I can still learn from our interaction. Their pathway may be different, but because we are all the same, they too will come to You in their own time.

May this day unfold as it is meant to be, in Your highest will.


3 thoughts on “Leave Behind Fantasies of Specialness

  1. Anna Louise May | Maya

    Reblogged this on Anna Louise May | Mayastar | Mystic, Muse & Artist and commented:
    This is so true. I believe absolutely that we create our own reality. But in the sense that it is inevitable we will project our definitions and limitations onto it based on our past, memories, hopes and ambitions. It’s kind of like we bind ourselves into a subjective interpretation of events. If we were to do this without self awareness or any effort at personal growth, it would soon create an ego centred idea of reality that would be entirely illusory.

    Those working on self realisation (through whatever means), are hopefully learning to maintain a more objective view. Raising consciousness and ignoring the subjective ego centred elements of reality could create (at times) a situation where the person isn’t engaging with their life or people on normal level.

    The long and short is I think that devolving into fantastical world views (good or bad) is something we all risks when we have a lot of information but no self awareness to determine it’s relevance personally and objectively. xxx

    It is also worth considering despite the risks, understanding that by our interpretation we create our own experience of reality does put the onus on the individual to take responsibility for their lives, thoughts, feelings and reactions which can seem as liberating as it is daunting as often use the new perspective to re frame past experiences and when they have been negative, understanding we had a role in creating them can feel depressing before the “shift” in perspective and development of objective (spiritual?) consciousness allows us to see how we could have done it differently and we feel empowered by knowing that were the same situation to arise, this time we would understand it differently.

    Anna Louise May (Maya) http://www.mayastar.net

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