Seeing God in Human Terms

“The child believes she has “stolen” the role of parent away from the parent without having become a parent. God has become the enemy to those who judge just as the parent of a defiant child becomes the enemy in the child’s perception.” (ACOL, C:16.16)

This is not the first time that Jesus has compared our relationship to God to our relationship to our parents. There is much with which we can compare, for we call God the “Father,” and we see ourselves as His children.

Here we are compared to a defiant child who has not yet become a parent. We think that when we rebel against God, we are taking something away from Him, and we think that He is angry with us. He then becomes the “enemy,” the one who is out to take back what we removed from Him. This is an analogy of what we think happened in the separation from God.

The other time in A Course of Love that we see ourselves being compared to the family circle is when separation is compared to the rebellion of an adolescent child. The adolescent seeks to create his own identity, separate from the parent, and so rebels, just as we did in the separation from God. This is an illusory separation from God, for nobody could actually do this and live, being, as we are, part of God Himself. And God “let go,” even though we were too immature to understand what we were doing. He knew that we were too eager to live any other way. So He let us go our own way, until we found that our way was not nearly as grand as His way, and we sought to return to Him.

The family circle can teach us much, even the dysfunctional family circle, for God and we have been a dysfunctional family. Not on His part, but on ours.

The way is clear. Return to the fold! Return to God. Then and only then will we find real satisfaction in life. Then and only then will we find our way home at last.

The memory of rebellion is still strong in us, and we often don’t see how we can “merit” God’s love again. But we have never actually been separate from Him, our rebellion accomplished nothing, and He has always loved us with a love that is far beyond our comprehension.

He and we actually made this decision for an illusory separation. It was a way that we could form a false identity that would prove to us that Love is the best choice. Until we made a false choice, we didn’t know what we had. Being in heaven without a contrast to Love left something to be desired. But now that we have experienced separation, we can know what Love in heaven really means. It means more than we could ever have imagined if we didn’t have to contrast of living without the consciousness of this Love.

Ask to sense Love today. The journey without distance has been completed. Let us rejoice in a new day, a new day of Love expressed toward our Creator.


Dear Father/Mother,

I want to sense that I am One with You again. I want to really feel this. Help me to do so, for I know that I am asking in the will of both of us.

Help me to be grateful for the blessings that have rained down upon my head in my years on earth. I have not always been grateful, but have often taken these blessings for granted. That is because of a lack of contrast between having and not having. But I would ask for your miracle today, to sense the gratitude that I really know is due to You.

May this day go well. May I make a difference in someone else’s life. May salvation spread upon the earth become the greatest satisfaction that any of us know.


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