The Myth of Adam and Eve

“Many of you believe God’s creation included the fall from paradise as described in the biblical story of Adam and Eve and in the creation stories of many cultures and religions. When you accept this, even in non-literal terms, as the story of the separation, you accept separation itself. This story is, rather than a story of an actual event, a story that describes the problem. It is but the story of perception’s birth. And your perception of the fall makes of the fall a curse. This interpretation would be inconsistent, however, with a benevolent God and a benevolent universe. This interpretation accepts that separation can occur. It cannot. Belief in the fall is belief in the impossible.” (ACOL, C:18.1)

We cannot actually separate from God, for we are part of Him. He is the All of All, as we are, in a metaphorical sense. The story of the fall from grace, given in Genesis in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, is a story that describes the problem of separation. But we are not to blame ourselves, something that traditional Christianity differs about. We saw perception be born in that pseudo event, and the we simultaneously saw the end of true knowledge.

But we are heading back to knowledge now. Our fall from grace never actually occurred, but we did take a detour from our union with God. And we are also heading back toward union with God once again. So the drama has been played out. Never to be repeated, for we have learned that nothing outside God’s Reality is better than what He offers us.


Dear Father/Mother,

We know that you love us. I know that. And I bank on that love as I walk through my days. May all of us know that Your love is genuine, ready to rescue us at any point of need, and eminently satisfying.

When I think of the Adam and Eve, as a woman I identify with Eve. This story explains much of our past, a past lived for eons without You at the helm. Now I would return to You in my daily life, all parts of my daily life. Be with me as I seek to find You in every circumstance that confronts me.

May this day go well. May Your blessings rain down, once again, upon my head. And grant me the guidance to know what to do and say, knowledge that will lead me to grace.


5 Replies to “The Myth of Adam and Eve”

  1. How lovely that prayer is!

    I enjoyed reading this article and may I ask where that quote is from?

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

    1. Anand —

      My quotation is from A Course of Love, the first part. I am doing a two-year teaching unit on this book, which some believed was channeled by Jesus as a continuation of A Course in Miracles. For a bit more about A Course of Love (ACOL), read the “About Miracles Each Day.”

      Thank you for asking.

      Most cordially, Celia

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