Passing through This World Can Be Easy

“The image of intersection is simply meant to represent the point where the world intersects with you—where your path crosses that of others, where you encounter situations in your daily life, where you experience those things that cause you to feel or believe in a certain way—and it is at this point of intersection that not only relationship, but partnership is found.” (ACOL, C:22.7)

At one memorable point in A Course of Love, Jesus employs the metaphor of the layers of an onion, pierced by a needle. Of course, this metaphor has no practical application in real life, but as a metaphor of our intersection with the world, the image does work. We are meant to “intersect” or to interact with all in our lives in this world.

And there is more: This point of intersection with the world gives us partnerships one with another. We do not, indeed should not, feel alone and lonely. We are meant to be in relationship, for we are one with everyone. This oneness is the “unity” that Jesus speaks of, unity with our inner Christ Self as well as unity with others. The unity and relationship, repeated so often, is a metaphor for how we are to proceed in Christ-consciousness. Our hearts and minds form an union with each other, and then this first union expands to include others. We live in a telepathic universe, with no thoughts private. We will get used to this when we are willing to be transparent. But this does take some getting used to.

Our lives are meant to be in partnership with each other. As we join with others, we live at our best. The way is clearer and the living of that way is much happier.

Give up a solitary nature today. Don’t try to go it alone. In our intersection, at every point, with this world, we will live as we are meant to live. We will live interdependently. We will not be dependent, we will not be independent. But we will live in cooperation with everyone whom we encounter. This new way is the way of the future, the way ahead when more and more of us will have reached Christ-consciousness.


Dear Father/Mother,

As an onion has layers, our world has layers. As a needle might pierce these layers, we also intersect with all the layers of the world. Help me to understand this metaphor. There is a depth of meaning that I need to make my own.

May this day brings with it good things. May the tiny matters that have been irritants just fall away. There is nothing that we need to lament in our world; we can be shown a way out and through.

Help us to enjoy each other. Help us to be there for each other. The way is smooth when we are interdependent.



Let Our Imaginations Out to Play

“We will talk much more of imagining now, and you may, at first, be resistant to this instruction. To imagine is too often associated with daydreaming, fiction, or make-believe, and these functions are all prescribed to be for certain parts of your life and for certain times that you deem appropriate. Please assure yourself, as I assure you, that now is an appropriate time, an essential time, for such activity. Your thoughts regarding imagining and imagination will change with your change in perspective on use. You will no longer be using your imagination but letting your imagination be of service to you.” (ACOL, C:22.1)

Letting our imagination be of service to us is another way of saying that we will turn to revelation to solve our problems. We do not have to wonder if we are engaging in fantasy. We are letting our hearts and minds work in tandem to fulfill all of the needs that we perceive. And our needs will be met, though our wants may not be. And our needs are met at the point of need. With every problem, the solution is right there alongside of it.

It is instructive to let the mind wander when faced with an intractable issue. We need to get in the alpha state of mind, a relaxed state of consciousness, that is mellow and calm enough to let solutions rise to the surface of the mind. This mellowness assures us that we are not in an angry or hostile state of mind; we are inviting guidance from the depths.

And that guidance will come. Sometimes it helps to present a problem to the subconscious mind, the Self within, and then go about our day. Often, and very often, the solution will appear in consciousness as soon as we let go the issue. We don’t struggle or put ourselves in a state of great effort; we just let go.

Let our imaginations serve us today. Imagination can create a dialogue with Jesus, an exercise, on paper, that can be most instructive. Of course, we are using our imaginations to wonder what he might say to us, but we use our imaginations willingly, knowing that while we might be wrong, we will still gain from the exercise.

Let the imagination serve us today. The results will be positive, rewarding, and conclusive.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for guiding my mind to this technique of utilizing the imagination to solve problems. Often I imagine what Jesus might say to me, and this is calming in the extreme. I do not get lost in fantasies. Instead, I keep my feet on the ground, even as my head is in the clouds.

Be with me today. I long for Your solace throughout my day, and, thankfully, You grant this solace to me.

Thank You.

Mind and Heart Join to Effect Change

“No matter which path you follow, the path of the mind or the path of the heart, you will not get where you are wanting to go until they are joined. You might imagine three paths—one path representing mind, one path representing heart, and one path representing wholeheartedness. The path of neither mind nor heart alone will take you where the path of unity will take you, and the journey will not be the same.” (ACOL, C:21.7)

Jesus here tells us precisely what he tells us, in other words, in many places in A Course of Love: that we need the mind and heart, joined together in wholeheartedness. Our heart has always known the truth of our unity one with another and with God, but the mind rebelled, and this prevented the heart and body from elevating to a Self that exists with the All in unity and in relationship. Our minds were just too eager to jump ahead, in this physical form in which we found ourselves, too eager to be patient and learn all that needed to be learned in a new way of existing, the physical form itself.

But we are coming to see, through, I would hasten to add, both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. ACIM dislodged the ego, but without the ego we were still mired in a sense of purposelessness, unsure of any new identity. ACOL came along to solve this personal problem, many believe, to establish a new identity and to elevate the self of form, to see that we became the elevated Self of form. This Self is the inner Christ, and when we live by the new rules, we are embodying Christ-consciousness. We finally know where we are going and what we are to do. We receive this knowledge by observation, vision, revelation. The words will become clear as we move forward in the pages of A Course of Love.

Our path IS clear when we join what we know in our hearts to a newly discovered mind that is free of the ego. We join heart and mind together, for we cannot proceed far without their cooperation. This new phase is called “wholeheartedness,” the joining of heart and mind to create a new world while we sustain Christ-consciousness.

If we have not walked far enough long the path to realize all that this path holds out to us, we must counsel patience. We will see the end point, the ever-expanding work of creating a new reality in this world.

This change is coming not a moment too soon, as all of us who listen to the daily news know so well. A Course in Miracles created great change in the hearts and minds of many who had never read it, because its tenets found their way into spiritual and psychological literature without attribution. Now we are on the cusp of a similar spreading of the message of A Course of Love.

This world will never be the same again.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for guiding my thoughts as I seek to contain my enthusiasm for this latest revelation in A Course of Love. May its message spread in our troubled world. May more and more of us see glimpses of Christ-consciousness, then longer experiences, then maintain the new consciousness, and then fully sustain it. This is a lot to ask, but I know within my being that I am asking within Your will.

Be with us as we seek to make the choice for Christ-consciousness. You will reach now at the right moment and lift us up. The ultimate decision is Yours. I pray that this time of change may envelop all of us sooner rather than later.


When Life Becomes Too Much

“The embrace can now be likened to the starting point of a shared language, a language shared by mind and heart and by all people. It is a language of images and concepts that touch the one heart and serve the one mind.” (ACOL, C:21.6)

The “embrace” is introduced in A Course of Love by Jesus, who encourages us to imagine that we are enfolded in his arms. Then his embrace of us becomes mutual, and we also enfold him.

The imagination does not play on the sexual at all. It is meant to be a reassurance that someone out there knows what we are going through, is with us through it, and will see us through it. We are tired, very tired from our long journeys in separation from God. We sometimes feel sorry for ourselves, feel lacking all hope, and need to know that this feeling of ennui is not unusual: It is a universal experience.

But not many people own up to this feeling. We hide our disappointments in life, we don’t share our worries and concerns, and we lament the bad turns that life seems to have given us.

There is a way out. We can contemplate the truth of this embrace, that we are one with All, everywhere. We can consider that maybe Jesus really is with us, and that he brings angels with him. Help from the Other Side is forthcoming.

Knowing that we are not alone in our weariness in this world goes a long way toward alleviating that weariness. Knowing that we are not unique in feeling this lassitude helps also. The embrace encompasses all of us, every last one of us.

Ask for help in our weariness today. Expect help to arrive, and very often that help does in fact arrive. Prayer works.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for the better feeling that I feel today. My anxieties have diminished, because I have listened to the words of the embrace. May I reach out to others, who may be helped by my words as well.

May we help one another, even as You help us. We are all in this together.


The Embrace Is the One Heartbeat

“The holy relationship in its broadened form is eternity, the eternity of the embrace. If the embrace is the source of all, the one heartbeat, then it is eternity itself. It is the face of love, its texture, taste, and feel. It is love conceptualized. It is an abstract rather than a particular concept, even while having a seeming structure that your heart can feel.” (ACOL, C:21.3)

Another comforting passage from A Course of Love. It is not hard to conceptualize the embrace of Jesus. We feel his presence, and we return the embrace. This is something tangible to which we can cling when times seem tough. Times are never actually tough, though in our world they can certainly seem to be. There is always a way given us for our delivery from misery.

What is that way? A turning inward to the Christ Self, the one we will turn to more and more as we proceed in our reading and our study of ACOL. The Christ Self is our way now, the way we feel our guidance, we way we feel our solace. The way back home is not hard; everything and everyone in this world are in league with God’s plan to return us, of our own free will, to Him. All has been planned as a learning experience, at least this early in our reading of ACOL. (Later on, we will just observe the outer and inner worlds, and then we will be “in-formed” by that outer and inner world.)

Our heart is our guide, the center of our being. And it needs no proof of God’s love for us; it knows this with an ever-present knowledge. And it is knowledge, not perception with an egoic mind, that leads us to this truth. This true reality.

We are in holy relationship with our Self, first, and then everyone else in our world. And Jesus is in our world, though we do not see him. He is right here, for us, all the time. Believe him when he says that he takes us by the hand and will led us backward in time to where we took a misstep. And then we will be Home in God.


Dear Father/Mother,

May this day go well. May I love well, work well, and, tonight, may I sleep well. This is Your will for me, of this I am sure.

The anxieties of this day need not concern me. They are negligible. The real blessing is the fact that I know that You are always here, deep within me, while I project a world from my Self. All of us are caught in a mass hallucination, but the real world can arise in our sights when we have a heart that is in the right place. This true reality is ours.

Thank You.


The View from Love’s Angle

“Your heart has a different scope, a different view. It is the view from within the embrace, the view from love’s angle. It is the view of the dying who realize nothing matters but love. This realization is not one of sentiment, regrets, or wishful thinking. It is the view from the embrace, the return to one heartbeat, the return to what is known. This knowing you might call wisdom and think of as an attainable ideal of thought. Yet it is not about thought at all, but is beyond thought. It is not wisdom but the truth. The truth is that which exists. The false is illusion. Love is all that matters because love is all that is.” (ACOL, C:20.48)

This quotation is a good example of just how comforting A Course of Love can be to any interested person reading it. We are in the embrace, in the one heartbeat of the universe, in Jesus’s bosom. We need only focus on love (that often maligned term). Lest we think that “love” is too easy an answer, let us realize how often we let our “to do” list get in the way of taking care of ourselves and other people, relaxing in God’s care, being at one with all.

We can easily imagine that when our time on earth comes to an end, we won’t care about anything but the love we have given and received (given and received, something that really means the same for we are all One). Let us jump ahead to our end, and then find our way back with new knowledge. Let us realize now that true reality means nothing more—nothing more and nothing less.

The view from love’s angle will hold us in good stead throughout all the days of our lives. Let us decide today that love is all we want. Love and nothing more. The “more” will come to us in Jesus’s embrace, but we don’t have to wear ourselves out trying to make things happen. We are protected and cared for. If nobody on earth understands us, we know that God does.


Dear Father/Mother,

I am barreling ahead of myself today over my “to do” list. How often have I miscued by doing this? Let me rest in Your love, in Jesus’s embrace. We don’t have to struggle and press; the good comes to us when we have our priorities in order. Help me to put my priorities in order today.

Thank You.


A Kinder, Gentler World

Note: I recommend the online newsletter, The Embrace, which you can sign up to receive about every two weeks into your email. The Embrace, published by Take Heart Publications (same publisher as A Course of Love), gives a featured presentation from ACOL readers in each issue. Here is the link:

“Your thinking will begin to change to reflect your recognition of reception. Reception and welcome are highly linked. You will find you are welcome to all the gifts you recognize in your brothers and sisters just as you freely will offer yours to serve them. To serve rather than to use is an enormous change in thinking, feeling, and acting. It will immediately make the world a kinder, gentler place. And it is only a beginning.” (ACOL, C:20.44)

“Use,” as described here, is the sense that we choose our friends and family for what we can get out of them, what good they can do for us in a sometimes difficult world. This means that we have been likely to surround ourselves with friends solely because we didn’t want to be alone. This means that we cozy up to our family in case we need their financial help. This means that we try to succeed in the world just for the sake of competition, to come out on top, not because we are trying to do anything good for other people.

“Service” is the alter-ego of use. Service is when we think of the other person’s best interest, even if aside from our own best interest. We do things for other people that may be laudatory, but we don’t take egoic satisfaction from our deeds. We are just glad to help.

When we serve, we do receive in like measure, but our reception is not tainted by overriding self-interest. When we serve, we are, as Jesus says, living in a kinder, gentler world. Our deeds may even go unrecognized, but this does not disturb us, because we have moved out of ego. Our heartfelt response to others is what saves us, and save them. We are living salvation.


Dear Father/Mother,

This day filled with brilliant sunshine also fills my heart with calm joy. It is a good day. Help me to go out in the world, when next I do so, with a calm and radiant spirit imbued by the peacefulness that I sense right now.

Be with us as we seek to be of service in Your world. Your world, of course, is not the egoic world that we previously knew, but a new, real world that is permeated, through and through, with Your love. Peace, harmony, calm, joy, limitless release—these await us in the real world that we enter when we have turned to our hearts for solace.

Help me to remember to turn to my heart throughout this glorious day.