Passing through This World Can Be Easy

“The image of intersection is simply meant to represent the point where the world intersects with you—where your path crosses that of others, where you encounter situations in your daily life, where you experience those things that cause you to feel or believe in a certain way—and it is at this point of intersection that not only relationship, but partnership is found.” (ACOL, C:22.7)

At one memorable point in A Course of Love, Jesus employs the metaphor of the layers of an onion, pierced by a needle. Of course, this metaphor has no practical application in real life, but as a metaphor of our intersection with the world, the image does work. We are meant to “intersect” or to interact with all in our lives in this world.

And there is more: This point of intersection with the world gives us partnerships one with another. We do not, indeed should not, feel alone and lonely. We are meant to be in relationship, for we are one with everyone. This oneness is the “unity” that Jesus speaks of, unity with our inner Christ Self as well as unity with others. The unity and relationship, repeated so often, is a metaphor for how we are to proceed in Christ-consciousness. Our hearts and minds form an union with each other, and then this first union expands to include others. We live in a telepathic universe, with no thoughts private. We will get used to this when we are willing to be transparent. But this does take some getting used to.

Our lives are meant to be in partnership with each other. As we join with others, we live at our best. The way is clearer and the living of that way is much happier.

Give up a solitary nature today. Don’t try to go it alone. In our intersection, at every point, with this world, we will live as we are meant to live. We will live interdependently. We will not be dependent, we will not be independent. But we will live in cooperation with everyone whom we encounter. This new way is the way of the future, the way ahead when more and more of us will have reached Christ-consciousness.


Dear Father/Mother,

As an onion has layers, our world has layers. As a needle might pierce these layers, we also intersect with all the layers of the world. Help me to understand this metaphor. There is a depth of meaning that I need to make my own.

May this day brings with it good things. May the tiny matters that have been irritants just fall away. There is nothing that we need to lament in our world; we can be shown a way out and through.

Help us to enjoy each other. Help us to be there for each other. The way is smooth when we are interdependent.


Let Our Imaginations Out to Play

“We will talk much more of imagining now, and you may, at first, be resistant to this instruction. To imagine is too often associated with daydreaming, fiction, or make-believe, and these functions are all prescribed to be for certain parts of your life and for certain times that you deem appropriate. Please assure yourself, as I assure you, that now is an appropriate time, an essential time, for such activity. Your thoughts regarding imagining and imagination will change with your change in perspective on use. You will no longer be using your imagination but letting your imagination be of service to you.” (ACOL, C:22.1)

Letting our imagination be of service to us is another way of saying that we will turn to revelation to solve our problems. We do not have to wonder if we are engaging in fantasy. We are letting our hearts and minds work in tandem to fulfill all of the needs that we perceive. And our needs will be met, though our wants may not be. And our needs are met at the point of need. With every problem, the solution is right there alongside of it.

It is instructive to let the mind wander when faced with an intractable issue. We need to get in the alpha state of mind, a relaxed state of consciousness, that is mellow and calm enough to let solutions rise to the surface of the mind. This mellowness assures us that we are not in an angry or hostile state of mind; we are inviting guidance from the depths.

And that guidance will come. Sometimes it helps to present a problem to the subconscious mind, the Self within, and then go about our day. Often, and very often, the solution will appear in consciousness as soon as we let go the issue. We don’t struggle or put ourselves in a state of great effort; we just let go.

Let our imaginations serve us today. Imagination can create a dialogue with Jesus, an exercise, on paper, that can be most instructive. Of course, we are using our imaginations to wonder what he might say to us, but we use our imaginations willingly, knowing that while we might be wrong, we will still gain from the exercise.

Let the imagination serve us today. The results will be positive, rewarding, and conclusive.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for guiding my mind to this technique of utilizing the imagination to solve problems. Often I imagine what Jesus might say to me, and this is calming in the extreme. I do not get lost in fantasies. Instead, I keep my feet on the ground, even as my head is in the clouds.

Be with me today. I long for Your solace throughout my day, and, thankfully, You grant this solace to me.

Thank You.

Mind and Heart Join to Effect Change

“No matter which path you follow, the path of the mind or the path of the heart, you will not get where you are wanting to go until they are joined. You might imagine three paths—one path representing mind, one path representing heart, and one path representing wholeheartedness. The path of neither mind nor heart alone will take you where the path of unity will take you, and the journey will not be the same.” (ACOL, C:21.7)

Jesus here tells us precisely what he tells us, in other words, in many places in A Course of Love: that we need the mind and heart, joined together in wholeheartedness. Our heart has always known the truth of our unity one with another and with God, but the mind rebelled, and this prevented the heart and body from elevating to a Self that exists with the All in unity and in relationship. Our minds were just too eager to jump ahead, in this physical form in which we found ourselves, too eager to be patient and learn all that needed to be learned in a new way of existing, the physical form itself.

But we are coming to see, through, I would hasten to add, both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. ACIM dislodged the ego, but without the ego we were still mired in a sense of purposelessness, unsure of any new identity. ACOL came along to solve this personal problem, many believe, to establish a new identity and to elevate the self of form, to see that we became the elevated Self of form. This Self is the inner Christ, and when we live by the new rules, we are embodying Christ-consciousness. We finally know where we are going and what we are to do. We receive this knowledge by observation, vision, revelation. The words will become clear as we move forward in the pages of A Course of Love.

Our path IS clear when we join what we know in our hearts to a newly discovered mind that is free of the ego. We join heart and mind together, for we cannot proceed far without their cooperation. This new phase is called “wholeheartedness,” the joining of heart and mind to create a new world while we sustain Christ-consciousness.

If we have not walked far enough long the path to realize all that this path holds out to us, we must counsel patience. We will see the end point, the ever-expanding work of creating a new reality in this world.

This change is coming not a moment too soon, as all of us who listen to the daily news know so well. A Course in Miracles created great change in the hearts and minds of many who had never read it, because its tenets found their way into spiritual and psychological literature without attribution. Now we are on the cusp of a similar spreading of the message of A Course of Love.

This world will never be the same again.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for guiding my thoughts as I seek to contain my enthusiasm for this latest revelation in A Course of Love. May its message spread in our troubled world. May more and more of us see glimpses of Christ-consciousness, then longer experiences, then maintain the new consciousness, and then fully sustain it. This is a lot to ask, but I know within my being that I am asking within Your will.

Be with us as we seek to make the choice for Christ-consciousness. You will reach now at the right moment and lift us up. The ultimate decision is Yours. I pray that this time of change may envelop all of us sooner rather than later.


When Life Becomes Too Much

“The embrace can now be likened to the starting point of a shared language, a language shared by mind and heart and by all people. It is a language of images and concepts that touch the one heart and serve the one mind.” (ACOL, C:21.6)

The “embrace” is introduced in A Course of Love by Jesus, who encourages us to imagine that we are enfolded in his arms. Then his embrace of us becomes mutual, and we also enfold him.

The imagination does not play on the sexual at all. It is meant to be a reassurance that someone out there knows what we are going through, is with us through it, and will see us through it. We are tired, very tired from our long journeys in separation from God. We sometimes feel sorry for ourselves, feel lacking all hope, and need to know that this feeling of ennui is not unusual: It is a universal experience.

But not many people own up to this feeling. We hide our disappointments in life, we don’t share our worries and concerns, and we lament the bad turns that life seems to have given us.

There is a way out. We can contemplate the truth of this embrace, that we are one with All, everywhere. We can consider that maybe Jesus really is with us, and that he brings angels with him. Help from the Other Side is forthcoming.

Knowing that we are not alone in our weariness in this world goes a long way toward alleviating that weariness. Knowing that we are not unique in feeling this lassitude helps also. The embrace encompasses all of us, every last one of us.

Ask for help in our weariness today. Expect help to arrive, and very often that help does in fact arrive. Prayer works.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for the better feeling that I feel today. My anxieties have diminished, because I have listened to the words of the embrace. May I reach out to others, who may be helped by my words as well.

May we help one another, even as You help us. We are all in this together.


The Embrace Is the One Heartbeat

“The holy relationship in its broadened form is eternity, the eternity of the embrace. If the embrace is the source of all, the one heartbeat, then it is eternity itself. It is the face of love, its texture, taste, and feel. It is love conceptualized. It is an abstract rather than a particular concept, even while having a seeming structure that your heart can feel.” (ACOL, C:21.3)

Another comforting passage from A Course of Love. It is not hard to conceptualize the embrace of Jesus. We feel his presence, and we return the embrace. This is something tangible to which we can cling when times seem tough. Times are never actually tough, though in our world they can certainly seem to be. There is always a way given us for our delivery from misery.

What is that way? A turning inward to the Christ Self, the one we will turn to more and more as we proceed in our reading and our study of ACOL. The Christ Self is our way now, the way we feel our guidance, we way we feel our solace. The way back home is not hard; everything and everyone in this world are in league with God’s plan to return us, of our own free will, to Him. All has been planned as a learning experience, at least this early in our reading of ACOL. (Later on, we will just observe the outer and inner worlds, and then we will be “in-formed” by that outer and inner world.)

Our heart is our guide, the center of our being. And it needs no proof of God’s love for us; it knows this with an ever-present knowledge. And it is knowledge, not perception with an egoic mind, that leads us to this truth. This true reality.

We are in holy relationship with our Self, first, and then everyone else in our world. And Jesus is in our world, though we do not see him. He is right here, for us, all the time. Believe him when he says that he takes us by the hand and will led us backward in time to where we took a misstep. And then we will be Home in God.


Dear Father/Mother,

May this day go well. May I love well, work well, and, tonight, may I sleep well. This is Your will for me, of this I am sure.

The anxieties of this day need not concern me. They are negligible. The real blessing is the fact that I know that You are always here, deep within me, while I project a world from my Self. All of us are caught in a mass hallucination, but the real world can arise in our sights when we have a heart that is in the right place. This true reality is ours.

Thank You.


The View from Love’s Angle

“Your heart has a different scope, a different view. It is the view from within the embrace, the view from love’s angle. It is the view of the dying who realize nothing matters but love. This realization is not one of sentiment, regrets, or wishful thinking. It is the view from the embrace, the return to one heartbeat, the return to what is known. This knowing you might call wisdom and think of as an attainable ideal of thought. Yet it is not about thought at all, but is beyond thought. It is not wisdom but the truth. The truth is that which exists. The false is illusion. Love is all that matters because love is all that is.” (ACOL, C:20.48)

This quotation is a good example of just how comforting A Course of Love can be to any interested person reading it. We are in the embrace, in the one heartbeat of the universe, in Jesus’s bosom. We need only focus on love (that often maligned term). Lest we think that “love” is too easy an answer, let us realize how often we let our “to do” list get in the way of taking care of ourselves and other people, relaxing in God’s care, being at one with all.

We can easily imagine that when our time on earth comes to an end, we won’t care about anything but the love we have given and received (given and received, something that really means the same for we are all One). Let us jump ahead to our end, and then find our way back with new knowledge. Let us realize now that true reality means nothing more—nothing more and nothing less.

The view from love’s angle will hold us in good stead throughout all the days of our lives. Let us decide today that love is all we want. Love and nothing more. The “more” will come to us in Jesus’s embrace, but we don’t have to wear ourselves out trying to make things happen. We are protected and cared for. If nobody on earth understands us, we know that God does.


Dear Father/Mother,

I am barreling ahead of myself today over my “to do” list. How often have I miscued by doing this? Let me rest in Your love, in Jesus’s embrace. We don’t have to struggle and press; the good comes to us when we have our priorities in order. Help me to put my priorities in order today.

Thank You.


A Kinder, Gentler World

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“Your thinking will begin to change to reflect your recognition of reception. Reception and welcome are highly linked. You will find you are welcome to all the gifts you recognize in your brothers and sisters just as you freely will offer yours to serve them. To serve rather than to use is an enormous change in thinking, feeling, and acting. It will immediately make the world a kinder, gentler place. And it is only a beginning.” (ACOL, C:20.44)

“Use,” as described here, is the sense that we choose our friends and family for what we can get out of them, what good they can do for us in a sometimes difficult world. This means that we have been likely to surround ourselves with friends solely because we didn’t want to be alone. This means that we cozy up to our family in case we need their financial help. This means that we try to succeed in the world just for the sake of competition, to come out on top, not because we are trying to do anything good for other people.

“Service” is the alter-ego of use. Service is when we think of the other person’s best interest, even if aside from our own best interest. We do things for other people that may be laudatory, but we don’t take egoic satisfaction from our deeds. We are just glad to help.

When we serve, we do receive in like measure, but our reception is not tainted by overriding self-interest. When we serve, we are, as Jesus says, living in a kinder, gentler world. Our deeds may even go unrecognized, but this does not disturb us, because we have moved out of ego. Our heartfelt response to others is what saves us, and save them. We are living salvation.


Dear Father/Mother,

This day filled with brilliant sunshine also fills my heart with calm joy. It is a good day. Help me to go out in the world, when next I do so, with a calm and radiant spirit imbued by the peacefulness that I sense right now.

Be with us as we seek to be of service in Your world. Your world, of course, is not the egoic world that we previously knew, but a new, real world that is permeated, through and through, with Your love. Peace, harmony, calm, joy, limitless release—these await us in the real world that we enter when we have turned to our hearts for solace.

Help me to remember to turn to my heart throughout this glorious day.


Free Will, by Jiffy Read

Note: This is another in the series called “Saturday Features” on this blog. You too are welcome to contribute, and encouraged to do so.

The separate self feels as though it is free to think and do as it pleases. But all its thoughts and actions arise from the ego thoughts in which it believes, and ego thoughts are not original; they are the thoughts of conditioned thinking. Although the separate self feels as though it has free will, it is actually under the tyranny of the ego.

Real thoughts are those that come from Self. Such thoughts represent our true will, which is free. The separate self cannot think such thoughts. In fact, the separate self cannot think at all—it can only think it thinks. That is part of the illusion.

There does exist one choice for the separate self, which is to accept the voice of Self instead of the tyrannical voice of the ego.

Even this choice is illusory, valid only within the illusion. The separate self is not separate from its source. The idea that there is a choice is the means by which within the dream of separation the mind can find its way back to what it never left.

“You have chosen to be in a state in opposition in which opposites are possible. As a result, there are choices you must make. In the holy state the will is free, so that its creative power is unlimited and choice is meaningless. Freedom to choose is the same power as freedom to create, but its application is different. Choosing depends on a split mind. The Holy Spirit is one way of choosing. God did not leave his children comfortless, even though they chose to leave Him. The voice they put in their minds was not the Voice for His Will, for which the Holy Spirit speaks.” (T-5.II.6)

“The ego cannot teach you anything as long as your will is free, because you will not listen to it. It is not your will to be imprisoned because your will is free. That is why the ego is the denial of free will. It is never God Who coerces you, because He shares His Will with you. His Voices teaches only in accordance with His Will, but that is not the Holy Spirit’s lesson because that is what you are. The lesson is that your will and God’s cannot be out of accord because they are one. This is the undoing of everything the ego tries to teach.” (T-8.II.3:1-8)

Being Who We Are

“You would not be other than who you are. You may know that this is true or you may dwell in fantasies, desiring what another has or some success, fame, or riches that seem impossible for you to attain. And yet, whether you know it is true or not, it is true: You would not be other than who you are. Herein lie your peace and your perfection. If you would not be other than you are, then you must be perfect. This is a conclusion both logical to the mind and believable to the heart, and its acceptance is a step toward wholeheartedness.” (ACOL, C:20.42)

We will have to take Jesus at his word: that we are perfect as we are. None of us actually believe this now, because we hold an image of a self that we hope to become, a self-image that has always beckoned us to be more and to be different.

But this self-image is born of the ego, and we are rapidly leaving the ego behind. Jesus designed the first book of A Course of Love so that we would develop a new identity, one that is not based on egoic fantasies and egoic notions.

How can we understand that we are “perfect” as we are? It doesn’t mean that we are without blemish; it simply means that we would not be other than who we are, that no imagined self-image, born of the ego, can satisfy us for long. So we rest, finally, in the truth that we like ourselves enough to accept ourselves without judgment. Judgment, after all, along with fear, are the two aspects of experience that keep Christ-consciousness from descending upon us. Knowing that judgment is forbidden us, we can know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this judgment is not to be applied personally. So we accept Jesus’s word that he sees us as perfect just as we are. And we long for nothing else.

This does not mean that we won’t change and grow, just that we won’t denounce ourselves in the meantime. We will accept the peace that is ours from accepting ourselves just as we are.

This is a sea change for most of us. We are so used to feeling unworthy, as abject, miserable beings, that being told that we are perfect just as we are seems too good to be true. It can even sound like heresy. But A Course of Love is new revelation, and no longer do we have to see ourselves as miserable creatures mired in sin. A Course in Miracles removed the stigma of sin by calling our missteps just “mistakes.” And ACOL now continues the same logic.

ACIM did not tell us that we were perfect as we are. So what is Jesus getting at now? He is getting us to accept ourselves as children of God who have separated from Him, in illusion, but who now want to find our way back. This is laudable, though not in an egoic sense. This is the path that we are on—a return to God and the Self through wholeheartedness and union with the truth.

Imagine that we didn’t accept ourselves just as we are. What would that get us but self-loathing? And is not this an affront to God, child of Him who we are? What God created may have made mistakes, indeed, has made mistakes, but this can be rectified. And in the remembrance that will come upon us, we will also know that only in fantasies would we be other than we are.

So perfection is not beyond us, though any attempt to apply this idea while still caught in the ego will do us no good. We need to apply the art of thought to this new idea: we need to experience the possibility that Jesus is right; and we need to respond to God and Creation in a way that is worthy of both God and us. This response will affirm our willingness to believe in the truth that Jesus is proffering, and this response to this truth will free us to consider that, just maybe, we are already the being whom we want to be.


Dear Father/Mother,

I don’t feel perfect when I consider Jesus’s words. But I do recognize that I wouldn’t choose to be other than who I am. And so I need to take these two thoughts and meld them into one. My response to You is needed. This response will free me to consider that Jesus just may be right: With separation gone and reunion with the Self on the horizon, I can see that my personal self is going to be someone whom I can accept.

This is a blessed revelation! Thank You for guiding me, ever so gently, away from the ego, as I consider these words from Jesus. He knows that I don’t want to dwell in fantasies of an exalted self; just being myself is what he is calling for. And I ask that you will improve my attitude as I seek to make his words and his beliefs my own. Negativity about what Jesus has said gets me nowhere.


Join in the Dance

“The embrace has returned you to attunement with the heartbeat, the music of the dance. You have not known what you do or what to do only because of fear, only because you have been out of accord with the one heartbeat. The world, the universe, is your partner—and only now do you hear the music that brings grace to all your movements, all your actions, all your expressions of love. While this may seem to be metaphorical language it is not. Listen and you will hear. Hear, and you cannot help but rejoice in the dance.” (ACOL, C:20.34)

This is another beautiful quotation, rendered poetically, just for each of us. The embrace harkens back to Jesus’s embrace of each of us, an embrace that becomes mutual, in which we are encouraged to share with him our deepest longings as well as our bitter disappointments, our sadness and our tiredness from living in this world.

But the quotation for today is very upbeat, inviting us to join in the “dance” of life, the dance that will increase our joy and give us a warm heart to share with all whom we encounter. Jesus tells us that he is not speaking metaphorically, that is, using a word in place of another word. He is speaking literally, believing that if we listen, we will hear the music that will encourage us to dance.

Our heartbeat is evidence that our heart is the center of the self, a tenet of ACOL. We have lived so much of our lives in fear, hesitant to act, hesitant not to act, being unsure of what we do and say. This can all come to an end as we welcome the guidance of our Self whom we are welcoming out from the depths of our being. This Self is shared with all, for we are one Self. This is the Self who leads us rightly when we have begun to catch glimpses of Christ-consciousness. This Self-guidance is the new way, the way beyond the Holy Spirit, Who was of the past era. In this time of Christ, great things are abroad for us. Are we ready?

Reaching enlightenment is partially a decision on our part. We eliminate the impediments to its coming. God Himself makes the final decision about our readiness, but we know that to ask for Christ-consciousness is to ask in His will. And the Self will guide, bit by bit, point by point, to eliminating the blocks that have hindered our growth into a new and improved version of ourselves. This is the way that we walk today. And tomorrow.

Ask for help. Don’t assume that reading ACOL is enough. Look for inner guidance to remove the particular blocks that have kept us from a new and bright future.


Dear Father/Mother,

It is the end of a long and busy day, a day in which I knew some anxiety at one point. This always makes me feel as if I have failed. Is this what You would say to me?

I think not. Anxiety is a pattern of the past, and these old patterns will dog our steps for a little longer. But they have lost their punching power, and each time that we say, “No, I won’t listen to this pattern,” we are healed ever so slightly.

Be with me tomorrow as I seek to avoid any evidence of a pattern of anxiety, even for a moment. Thank You, in advance, for the soothing quality of Your patience with me.


Love & Fear Contrasted

“This cooperation is natural when fear has been rejected. You have long embraced fear and rejected love. Now the reverse is true. This reversal of truth has changed the nature of your universe and the laws by which it operates. The laws of fear were laws of struggle, limits, danger, and competitiveness. The laws of love are laws of peace, abundance, safety, and cooperation. Your actions and the results of your actions in a universe of love will naturally be different from your actions and the results of your actions in a universe of fear. You set the laws of the universe when you chose fear. The laws of the universe of love are God-given.” (ACOL, C:20.31)

Nobody, even those who reject religion, would believe that to live in fear is preferable to living in love. Even the most agnostic or atheistic among us want significant others to love unconditionally. And there must be a reason for this. Why do we need love so much? Why have we wandered around, alone and lonely, in a world that scared us so, scared us in our fear?

We didn’t know that there was a better way to live, at least not for many years. We thought that anxieties about our doings actually helped us to achieve more, and achieve better. We were lost in a competitive world where scarcity seemed the norm. The fact that sharing might give everyone enough, and more than enough, was discounted.

We can’t blame our families, because they do were products of a fear-ridden environment. They learned from their parents, as we learned from them. And to be protected in an unsafe world, it seemed that holding certain fear-ridden ideas would offer this protection. We made the world that we experienced, and this world was indeed fear-ridden.

Now we come to a better knowledge. And we aren’t asked to take this on faith, without any proof. We just need to experiment a little with what all of us knew from the beginning, that we wanted (and needed) love to thrive. We might not have known the words to express this when we were children, but as we grew into the teen years, we knew it mightily, as peer pressure exerted its influence upon our behavior.

Don’t let the truth that love is the way for now sound trite. All religions have stressed love, but few have been able to turn their adherents from their fear-based thinking. Perhaps we are ready now, in this age of Christ. Perhaps things are a little better now. Jesus says that A Course in Miracles has made a difference in our world, and certainly the ACIM concepts have made their way into many books that never cite their sources. With A Course of Love, we are taken a step farther, not only to relinquish the ego (as ACIM counseled), but to establish a new identity, based in mind and heart together.

The heart will always speak for love. And our doubts that there is something superior in fortifying ourselves with protection by fear can be cast aside forever.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank you for the warmth that my heart feels today. Thank You for A Course of Love. May the recurrent anxieties that dogged my steps previously just fall away as I catch glimpses of what it means to feel mellow and justified in Your sight. I drop the ego from my world view. And with a genuine humility I seek to know Your ways.

Be with me as I walk in the pathway that is set before me. If fear seems to be a factor in my walk, hold my hand and remind me that You are always with me. I am a part of You, and, as such, I can draw on my inner Self at any time, draw on my inner Self to feel and experience love.


Remembrance Will Save Us Now

“The first step in remembering this holiness is forgetting. Let yourself forget that you do not feel holy and that the world does not appear to be sacred. Let your heart remember that you are holy and that the world is sacred. A thousand things can pull you from your remembrance. Forgetting “things” can free you to remember.” (ACOL, C:20.23)

We are not learning new things as we read A Course of Love, as much as we might think that we are. We are being led back, in forgotten memory, to a remembrance of what we knew many eons previously. This remembrance will save us. Nothing else can.

It is important not to view ACOL as “new doctrine,” because if we do that, we will wonder about everything that we read. Ask ourselves, instead, if this way of viewing the world hits a resonant cord in our hearts. Do we FEEL that what this voice is saying is true? Do we want it to be true—for what we want will come about. This is the truth that we create our own reality.

We need to forget all the notions that say that these ideas are too good to be true. Do they FEEL true? That is the litmus test.

We don’t need to apply our logical brain to this exercise. Our heart knows something that the mind does not. That is why forgetting is so important. We have listened to the egoic mind for eons; now is the time to turn from that to something better—the heart, the heart that doesn’t demand proof, but just knows in a way that the mind does not.


Dear Father/Mother,

The best that we can do is follow the guidance that whispers in our ears throughout the day. We don’t need to apply logic to this silent whispering; we just need to trust, and trust is not hard to do, when our egoic thinking has been stilled.

Be with me today so that I don’t act impulsively, and then regret my actions. I need to be stopped in my tracks if I start heading off in the wrong direction. And I ask for this stopping to be done as gently as You can. I know that You know me better than I know myself.

And in Your knowing are all my questions answered.


Comfort in a World of Sorrow

“Have you never felt as if you would wrap your arms around the world and bring it comfort if you could? This you can do. Not with physical arms, but with the arms of love. Have you never cried for the state of the world as you would for one small child in need of love?” (ACOL, C:20.19)

Indeed, we do not blame victims for their plight; this is said elsewhere in A Course of Love. And our hearts go out to the world and all people in it, for we too have lived through some difficult times. Because we too have known some suffering, we know where the problems are coming from. We don’t understand all things, all reasons for suffering, but we understand enough to draw the world around us and comfort it and its people.

Love IS the answer. Elsewhere we are told that if love were described as some new discovery that science had made, we might be more likely to sit up and take notice. But because we have heard that Love is the answer from all of our religious traditions, we tend to downplay its efficacy.

This we need not to do. Of course, we say to ourselves. But do we really understand that reaching out, in imagination, will cure all ills? We cannot solve all problems, but we can solve some of them. And the suffering that these problems lead us into can be risen above by a simple expediency: Love changes our attitude. We no longer feel sorry for ourselves. And with this change in attitude, our suffering ceases to be suffering and becomes simply pain.

This may not sound like much of a change, but it is gigantic in implication. Yes, we must transmute our pain, also, but, first things first. If we love God and one another, we will walk in the path illumined by light. And this light will make all the difference.


Dear Father/Mother,

Sometimes when we are feeling low, “just do it,” when it comes to a given action, is best. You taught me this just this morning, when my attitude needed to be changed. And you changed it! Thank You so much.

May all of our problems that lead to suffering be lightened by the power of a changed attitude. May we not only transmute suffering, but pain itself. And may we hug the world to us as we would one small child in need of comfort.

Be with us today as we walk in a difficult world. The way will become easy with You at the helm.


Invite Awakening Today

“From here your life becomes imaginal, a dream that requires you not to leave your home, your place of safety and of rest. You are cradled gently while your spirit soars, dreaming happy dreams at last. With love surrounding you in arms that hold you close, you feel the heartbeat of the world just beneath your resting head. It thunders in your ears and moves through you until there is no distinction. We are the heartbeat of the world.

“This is creation. This is God. This is our home.” (ACOL, C:20.10 – 20.11)

In this passage Jesus is still harkening to the embrace, the mutual embrace of him and us. He comforts us in a way that perhaps we have never been comforted before. He does this by empathizing with us. He understands that we have suffered in this world, and he wants us to know that through imaginal living—life is that imagined—we can know a different sort of reality. We can leave suffering behind in our minds and hearts, and this will give us much new contentment. The way is smooth, finally. We CAN know contentment, even happiness, when we realize that our leader, Jesus, is right here with us, full of empathy for us.

The method given in the passage for today and yesterday is not complicated, but in some sense it takes a child’s faith—at least an adult who can relive the days of childhood, when everything was imaginal. I would call this a magical time, but Jesus himself in A Course in Miracles uses a different definition for “magic,” and we don’t need to confuse ourselves. (He likens magic to an irrational way of thinking.) We just need to realize, for sure, for all time, that we are not alone. We have never been alone, but we have played at this aloneness in our ego’s frame of reference. It is time to move beyond this erroneous way of thinking.

The way back Home is not far. It is here already, when we are mellow, when we are contented, when we have let go of stress, anger, hostility, and other negative attitudes. Indeed, attitude is what Jesus is changing when he stresses that we link mind and heart into wholeheartedness, all in a bid to move us closer to Awakening. Awakening is what A Course of Love is all about. Jesus knows that we will never be really healed until we have crossed that threshold into Christ-consciousness.

Invite Awakening today, at least a glimpse of Awakening. Pray for calm; meditate if need be. The way back is not hard; it is the easiest thing in the world when we have made up our minds that it is the ONLY thing that we truly want. All else will fall into place by this decision.

Invite a soothing spirit to enfold us. This will do more than anything else to make certain that we are blessed with a glimpse of Awakening today.


Dear Father/Mother,

I do feel Your peace today. Thank You. You seem to whisper in my ear what my next step needs to be if I am to know joy and kindness in my interactions with others. May I be there for the people in my life. My I say the right thing, move in the right way, to lift their sights to something higher.

We all need You, You Who are in our Self, the Self we share with all. I sense the truth of this concept even though my finite mind cannot comprehend how this can be. Give me the strength to stay true to Your leanings, the intuitive leanings that you grant to me today.

Thank You.


The Embrace

“This is a call to move now into my embrace and let yourself be comforted. Let the tears fall and the weight of your shoulders rest upon mine. Let me cradle your head against my breast as I stroke your hair and assure you that it will be all right. Realize that this is the whole world, the universe, the all of all in whose embrace you literally exist. Feel the gentleness and the love. Drink in the safety and the rest. Close your eyes and begin to see with an imagination that is beyond thought and words.” (ACOL, C:20.2)

This quotation is the most well-known and well-loved in all of A Course of Love. Jesus invites us to be comforted in his embrace, and later on he invites us to embrace him as well. We have walked a long and lonely path, and this walk is over. We are going to be reaching the culmination of our journey without distance when we have read through A Course of Love. The ending is as sweet as this harbinger indicates. We are loved, and we love, and Jesus is here for us.

Believing that Jesus walks this way with us requires believing that on the Other Side he can clone himself to be anywhere, anytime. This may seem to require faith, but Christian stories are replete with indications that the great healer has come and visited those in distress. And we are in distress, sometimes even without being aware of it. We need Jesus’s comfort as much as anybody, and here he indicates that we can receive that comfort. Just lean on him; he will not fail us.

Later on in A Course of Love Jesus resigns as our teacher, and indicates that he is our companion only, and, moreover, that we are not to view him as the man who lived and died 2,000 years ago. He says that he is Christ-consciousness, and that we are One, one Self, and he invites us to realize that this wholeness is healing. This sharing of Self includes everyone, everywhere.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. For now, in this first book of A Course of Love, Jesus is still our teacher. And he lets us know that however downtrodden that we feel, there is hope. This comforting hope comes when we show him the love that is deep within us. And we feel his love.

Let our imaginations wander. Imagination works wonders, sometimes, and that is what will happen as we are embraced by Jesus, and we return his embrace.


Dear Father/Mother,

All of us need comforting, sometimes often. I feel this need today. Help me to take Jesus at his word, that he is here for me. And for everybody who calls on him. May this day blossom into a lovely day, for pearls of days string along an imaginary rope, and we are healed. May this day become an imaginary pearl.

Be with us as we seek to walk a sometimes harrowing path in this world. We can’t be perfect, and Jesus doesn’t ask this of us. But he does ask that we walk a while with him, a way that returns us to union with God and all that lives.

May this pathway be clear ahead. May my next step be in line with Your will.

Thank You.


Mellowness Prepares for Christ-Consciousness

“This going back is, in reality, more in the way of reflection than review, although if you were to think of this as a re-viewing of your self, you would be quite accurate. It is like unto the final judgment as it has been described, a sorting of the real from the unreal, of truth from illusion. Despite the similarity between what this will call forth and the description of the final judgment, judgment is not the means or end of this reckoning.” (ACOL, C:19.22)

This quotation is important. It explains how we ready ourselves for Awakening. We need to go into our deeper mind, to let the memories surface, and as those memories are brought to the surface (however briefly), we are healed. This is akin to a final judgment, though it is not actually judgment, but something more benign. We are simply bringing up old reactions, egoic reactions, to be able to heal. And in the healing, we have moved into readiness for Christ-consciousness.

We can’t have access to the subconscious mind except when we are calm and serene. All of us know examples of times that we couldn’t think of a person’s name when we were trying to introduce that person to another. This common problem is emblematic of the fact that stress interferes with memories coming up to the surface.

It is the same as we seek to heal. We block awareness of past happenings when we are tense. This tension, this stress, would block our healing; that is the point. That is why we need to relax, relax the body, relax the mind. I have previously extolled “mellowness” as the right type of condition to welcome. It might even be said that
mellowness harbors a glimpse of enlightenment.

And so it will be with all of us. We will invite relaxation, mellowness, and the hidden memories from the subconscious will surface—to be healed. We need this final reckoning. It is the way that we prepare, virtually the only thing that we need to do to “get ready” for God to take the final action, reaching down to us to lift us up for Awakening.

Invite mellowness today. Meditation, quiet time, will help. Just listen to the words that surface in the mind, for these are clues of what needs to be forgiven. And in the forgiving we are saved, saved for enlightenment.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for the mellowness that I feel this morning. May I continue to feel this mellowness all day long. And may I open my mind to the memories that, brought up to the surface, will be healed.

May this day go well. I think that it will. But I can so easily get tangled up, even after a good beginning of the day. Help me to stay straightened out today. Help my mellowness to last.

Thank You.


Know Healing in Stillness

“This going back is the journey without distance. You need not go in search of it, and in truth, cannot, for the past does not abide in you. What you need rather do is strive for a place of stillness from which what needs review can arise as if it were a reflection arising from a deep pool. Here what is in need of healing will but briefly come to the surface and leave the hidden depths where light could not reach it and healing could not come. What comes forth for healing needs but a nod of love from your heart, a passing glance of compassion, the merest moment of reflection, before it will dissi¬pate and show a new reflection.” (ACOL, C:19.21)

We are trying to heal the depths within. If we cultivate stillness, including mellowness, we are going in the right direction. Then the subconscious relaxes, and intuitions, with thoughts, rise to the surface to be prayed away. This prepares us for enlightenment. And this is truly a journey without distance, for the self is not going anywhere.

These ideas in A Course of Love are also reflected in a similar work, The Way of Mastery. We need to get still enough to allow our innermost thoughts to rise to the surface; we are inviting the subconscious to come forth and thereby be healed. This idea was not expressed so succinctly in A Course in Miracles, but Jesus’s later writings indicate that he is aware that this procedure works. And his whole thrust is to get us to Christ-consciousness, and thereby we can move into a new world, one that the Self will create. This is truly a new reality, a true reality, and we need to do what we can to woo it.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I be still today, this time of quiet, so that my innermost thoughts and feelings can surface. This will promote mellowness, and I feel so close to You when I am mellow. Thank You for giving me the support that I need to move closer to You, not in fear any longer, but in love.

Be with all whom I encounter today. May I do something to make a difference in their lives. May my significant other know that my heart is in the right place. Grant that today will go well, as I seek to spread Your good will with my every step.


In Creation All Needs Are Met Instantly

“In creation, all needs are fulfilled the instant they become needs, which is why there are no needs. If everything you need has been provided, having needs makes no sense.” (ACOL, C:19.14)

This quotation about needs being fulfilled is an echo from A Course in Miracles. Our wants are not always satisfied, maybe especially when those wants are ego-oriented, but our needs are met, and at the point of their arrival in our lives.

A similar statement from ACIM, that the solution is always found with the problem, is appropriate as well. What are our needs except problems waiting to be solved? For what else do we normally pray?

A Course of Love is so heartwarming, and this is certainly appropriate for a work that focuses on listening to our heart as the way to live. This particular quotation reassures us that needs are not actually there at all in creation, in reality, and the needs that we think we have are part of the illusion.

We may be skeptical that our needs are met at the point of identifying them. But think back, and so how many problems in our lives have found solutions. Remember that time is not part of eternity, for in eternity there is no space nor time. So if there does seem to be a delay in finding the solution, the answer to the need, remember that it is part of the illusion in which we live.

Creation is on our side; this is something that we need never to doubt. Creation is ongoing, continually expanding and changing. This is the same as saying that God Himself is not static.

God does answer needs, though time seems to be elastic, and sometimes time expands before the answer comes. In eternity time has no meaning, and so if there is any delay, this delay is meaningless.

Know that our needs are satisfied, and that we do not have long to wait for solutions to problems. This means that everything we need has been provided. And this is what Jesus has just told us.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for all miracles that show up in my life—the little ones as well as the large. And there actually are no little miracles, for all are a gift from You. My heart is very full today, conscious of Your loving care of me. May I be patient and wait for the answer to any question that I pose to You. I know that the time does not actually matter, because all time is an illusion.

But I get impatient sometimes, and it is for this impatience that I ask for Your patience. Let me lean on You a little, that I might follow in Your way, and not disturb the pattern of the universe by acting too hastily.

Thank You for being there for me.


Share with Our Brothers and Sisters

“Your belief in your brothers and sisters will not be total, however, without the reunion of mind and heart that produces the state of wholeheartedness. This state was not achieved at all times by all those who believed in me—and perfection is not asked of you. As can be clearly seen from the records left to you, the apostles did not, in fact, achieve this state during my lifetime, for they looked at me as different and looked to me for power. Only after my resurrection did the Holy Spirit come upon them and reveal their own power to them by uniting mind and heart with belief. They were then reunited with me as they were united with the Christ. You thus must learn to see yourself as you see your brothers and sisters, and place your belief not in differences but in sameness.” (ACOL, C:19.12)

We are like our brothers and sisters in more than not, despite our culture’s interest in diversity. We are both the same and different. And in the sameness we see common ground, a common ground that will cause us to “believe” in our brothers and sisters. We will believe in them when we have achieved wholeheartedness, not before.

Jesus says that his apostles did not achieve this state in his lifetime, but only afterwards, when the Holy Spirit came upon them. Then they became one with Jesus as the Christ, just as we can so become. There is no greater achievement, and it comes to us as The Accomplished, though not in an egoic sense at all.

We are accomplished when we have joined mind and heart to achieve wholeheartedness, and then we are one with others. We share with them, something unlike the time of learning, in which individuality seemed (but only seemed) to reign. When we share with our brothers and sisters, we are going home at last. Home to Christ-consciousness, home to Oneness with God.

The way is clear; the way is sure. Let us not dally any longer today. Let us join with our brothers and sisters, for joining is required on this pathway. We are not meant to be alone, lonely, and independent. We are meant to be interdependent.

And in this change to interdependence we will see the real world, the one that has been waiting for our vision.


Dear Father/Mother,

I need you today, as always, to provide for me a good day. I can get so tangled up in the early morning, and I would not stay that way. Help me to unravel the snares and pitfalls. Help me to relax totally in Your care.

Be with all of us today, as we seek anew to stay on the pathway Home. This Home is all around me, if I have vision to see.

Please grant me this vision today.


Our Saving Grace Is in What We Yearn for

“Your saving grace is that even a separated self yearns for union and knowl¬edge of its Creator. Thus along with this yearning was a means provided for its fulfillment, and with this fulfillment lies the end of the separation.

“I was part of this means, but only part. Fulfillment can be provided by each and every one of your brothers and sisters, for in each is the Christ available to be seen and experienced as it was from me.” (ACOL, C:19.6 – 19.7)

At this early point in the first book of A Course of Love, we are still considering the separated self, a self that could never be separated in truth—for how could we actually detach from the God of whom we are a part? But the mind could think that it was in rebellion, and so God and we mutually chose a new way for the self of form, the way of presumed separation from God. But the fact that we are not satisfied in this separation is the proof that we are meant for something more, and that something more is union with God—what we had, and what we left in rebellion, a mutually chosen solution.

The yearning for something more is the proof that we have overlooked. Even an atheist yearns for meaning in life, and often finds it in places that mimic finding God. We are beyond such thinking, though, and so it is likely that virtually all of us know that Who we want is God, and what we want is an experience of Love—for many of us recognize that life has little meaning apart from love. On a deathbed, one recognizes that the only thing of important in life has been the love that has been given and received. Why wait for this conclusion to come to all of us? Why wait, when there is nothing that can help until once our final moments are upon us?

Our yearning can and will be satisfied by knowing that we will get beyond our learning to revelation from God, though at this early point in our reading, we are still learning. We entered into a giant learning process when we developed the ego, for the ego made everything that would be easy, very hard indeed. We had to struggle and strain, and still our victories were not lasting.

Now we can learn in a way that is not effortful or straining at all. We can surrender to God, and surrender to the acceptance of His way, and this in itself will allow us to see that we are really one with everyone else. This is unity (also called union). This comes when the heart and mind are united once again, and the ego is slipping away into an early grave.

Other people can be Christ to us also, as Jesus points out in this quotation. Everything in our environment can be a learning experience; indeed, everything has been set up for just this purpose.

Turn to God in prayer, for Jesus makes much of prayer in A Course of Love. He says that it is the same as the miracle, and certainly those of us who have taken A Course in Miracles to heart know the importance of miracles to our new way of life. Ask to be shown, and see if that miracle of vision doesn’t dawn upon eyes that are closed in prayer.

The new way is not hard, if we keep in mind that we are listening to what our heart tells us. Our heart knows in a way that the mind doesn’t, and our heart will not lead astray.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me today to be grateful for what I see before me, what this day holds, what the future holds. Guide me to recognize contentment as a good outcome, not something that primes me to strike in new directions for “growth.” Growth in matters of the heart occurs quietly.

Be with me for enjoyment of this beautiful day. May I do something, somehow, that will help somebody.


A Transformation that Recognizes Heaven on Earth

“The solution lies in transformation, and that is why you are still needed here. Beneath the world of illusion that you have made to glorify the separated self lies the world that was created for your learning, and that so exists in truth. It is not the only world by any means, but it is still heaven because heaven must be where you are. A wholehearted choice to abandon all ideas of glorifying the separated self and to let the world be what it is will begin the transformation. This requires the first unification, the unification of mind and heart, after which unification with God is natu¬rally returned to your awareness, for this unification returns you to the Christ in you and the one mind united with God which you have never left. Creation’s power then returns to you to help all the separated ones remember union.” (ACOL, C:19.14)

A Course in Miracles indicates that we are here to help others, that it may take millions of years for all of us to return to God, to heal the illusory separation. (ACIM also says that the separation similarly happened over millions of years.) We ourselves can help best when we have been transformed, when we have achieved Christ-consciousness. And while this is a choice, it is not a choice that we make alone. God makes the final decision about our readiness; he metaphorically reaches down and lifts us up. And when that happens, nothing is ever the same again—if we sustain the enlightenment.

In the early pages of A Course of Love, we are still caught in learning, but this learning takes different forms as we proceed, and eventually, by the time we reach the Dialogues, we have left learning behind entirely.

We need to stop glorifying the separated self, and this means that we leave behind egotism and self-satisfaction. This also means that we will, once again, even here, find ourselves in heaven. Our mind and heart has been reunified, and, with this, too, nothing is ever the same again.

We WILL remember union. It is not a hard concept. We start with the union of our mind and heart, and this leads to our reunion with God.

We are remembering rather than learning anew. Jesus is taking us “back,” and with this return we find a joy that is ours to share with others. When they see ordinary people living extraordinary lives, others will be encouraged to ask what we have that they don’t. And then we can tell them, then, when they are ready to listen.


Dear Father/Mother,

May the remaining egotism fade from my emotions today. I do not wish to enhance the ego in any way at all. I wish to let it disappear entirely, and You can and will help me with this. Thank You.

May this day go well. May my attitude stay straightened out. My “attitude” may still be the biggest obstacle in my pathway now. And with the love that You render to me, you can cancel out the negativity and accentuate the positive.

I ask this of You today. Thank You.


The Inner Self Can & Does Heal

“Having no one to receive and reject feelings of pain and replace them with feelings of love causes all your distress. Think not that you react to pain of any kind with the love from your real Self that would dispel it. The Self you have taken out of the learning loop is the Self of love.” (ACOL, C:18.24)

The Self of love is fundamentally important in our journey home. In this quotation, we learn that referring to our real Self, the inner Christ Self, will eliminate pain. What an assertion! Our Self receives this pain, replaces this pain with love, and then the pain disappears.

Can we take this assertion literally, at face value? Many times we can, because our pain is often made by our minds, and when we let go, turning to the deeper Self, we give our little, or personal, minds a break.

Questions about healing are always difficult to handle, for often there is an emotional healing when there is still physical pain. Sometimes this emotional healing is all that happens, and we think that Jesus (or God) has failed us. But has the universe failed us? Or have we failed it?

We need to recognize that whatever pain we feel is real to us, though actually illusory in these physical bodies. The fact that it is real to us will prompt Jesus to come to our aid, even though he knows that the form is an illusion. The form does have a reality, though, just not in the sense that we usually think that it does. And this form can know healing, a fact that may incline us toward wondering if illusion is really illusion.

Turn to the Self today if any pain rears its ugly head. Certainly don’t let pain escalate into suffering. Our Self will heal, and if all the healing we get is emotional healing, this is still OK. The mind and heart, together, can rise above much that in our physical plane seems to keep us down.

Turn to the Self today, and see if your response to that Self doesn’t provide a healing that you have not expected. Expect to be healed, and see if the expectation becomes a reality. I am betting that the healing will become a reality.


Dear Father/Mother,

Our various aches and pains get us down. Some is emotional, some physical. Help me to turn to the Self today when I am threatened with some illusion of illness. Be with me as I turn to the Self to heal the emotions and the body.

Thank you for the guidance of A Course of Love. Its heartfelt message is manna for my spirit, and I am much buoyed by its words.


Transformation in This Day & Age

“The transformation from a state of separation to a state of unity is a miracle indeed, for this transformation requires recognition of a state that you cannot recognize in separation. While this is a paradox, it is not impos¬sible for the simple reason that you never left the state of unity that you do not recognize. Your lack of recognition can thus be overcome by remem¬bering the truth of what you are.” (ACOL, C:18.19)

We are told in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love that we are simply to “remember” what we have forgotten. We are traveling back in time to an early moment when all that we had ever known was unity. Then we got impatient to experience more, and more, and then “more” became a trap for us. We weren’t ready for such wide-ranging experience that would eventually culminate in being outside God’s will. We were eager, too eager, and in ACOL we are told that God let go, and allowed our presumed separation, a separation that could not happen in truth, but in which we could believe. This is the “fall” that our biblical Genesis records.

We have been united with God, though, deep within, where we could not access when our minds were befuddled. We are a part of Him, and thus the separation could never happen at all in any meaningful sense. But we could think that it did, and therein lay our downfall.

We are making our way back now, and the transformation is coming soon for many of us. A Course in Miracles paved the way for much that has transformed in the last 50 years, spiritually. Any reader of self-improvement books and spirituality will note the degree to which ACIM ideas have made it into the common religious culture. Now we are poised on the brink for the same spread to happen with A Course of Love. These days are exciting indeed. We must humbly seek to do our part to follow in the pathway pioneered by Jesus.

Transformation that will return us to unity includes, of course, a melding of heart and mind. But it is the heart that will lead us more surely in this time. Everyone reading these words knows what we mean by “heart.” And knows intuitively how to access heartfelt attitudes.

The transformation will be sped along by ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. Others will join us, and then the great, widespread Awakening will dawn.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I listen to my heart today, in mellowness and in love. Your will is that I follow what my heart shows me, and in this is my salvation. Help me to keep myself calm as I go about my daily routine. I know that Your way is always best, and it is only residual egoic tendencies that would lead me astray. May the ego die a silent death in me today.

Be with me as I walk through this day. Help me to be of service to others, as they will also seek to serve me. Your way is one of service. May the direction of service bond us all.


Mind & Heart Together Choose Unity over Separation

“Thus the integration of mind and heart must be our goal in order for you to create the state in which unity can be experienced. Obviously, this is up to you. As you chose to create a state of separation, you must choose to create a state of unity.” (ACOL, C:18.15)

With A Course of Love, we are encouraged to believe that we have some control over our salvation, our enlightenment. We can “choose” state of unity. In A Course in Miracles, this choice was not as certain. In ACIM, we were encouraged to believe that most of the choice lay with God; He would reach down and pick us up when we were ready. Of course, we had to “do” things to get ready, and this has always been in our control.

We do not do things in a vacuum. We need guidance every step of the way, for unity is not something that we can know ahead of time. The integration of heart and mind in ACOL is new to our ears; it is not a part of ACIM, but a step beyond. This is part of the reason that I believe ACOL was channeled; Jesus had unfinished business with us, for our identities had not been established, our new identities. We had just seen the falling away of the ego, but we had not been given guidance about what we needed for a replacement. This time of indecision was a danger point, for A Course of Love indicates that the ego arose in just such a time. We certainly don’t want a new ego to rise on the ashes of the way from which we have just been purged.

So we must ask for guidance as we seek unity, as we seek enlightenment. We cannot do it ourselves, though we can remove the barriers to love’s reemergence. Removing the barriers is actually the only thing that is in our power and perception. Knowledge will come when we open to this guidance, for perception is superseded by knowledge of the true, the good, and the perfect.

Ask for help today in our pathway. We need this help, and we will have this help, when we just ask. That is all that is required: asking. And the blessings of receiving will rain down upon our heads.

Miracles Speed Up Time

“Perception of levels is a function of time, and thus it seems that great amounts of time are needed before change of a lasting nature can occur. This is why miracles save time, for they integrate all levels, temporarily collapsing time. Time is actually a measurement of learning, or the “time” it takes for learning to pass from one level to another through experience, for here learning is experienced in time.” (ACOL, C:18.12)

We first learned in A Course in Miracles that miracles themselves collapse time, moving us ahead by leaps and bounds to a new day. Now we are learning, and learning is experienced on this earth, measured by time. Thus time has a specific purpose that we need to learn, and learn well. We will learn that when we invite miracles, our way is sped exponentially.

We need to invite miracles, most especially the miracle of enlightenment. We can and do catch glimpses of enlightenment when we are mellow, for the usual drama is diminished, and our minds (and hearts) are calm. The best way, in fact, to invite a glimpse of enlightenment, to my mind, is to slow down and invite mellowness in our demeanor. This mellowness means that we are not judging anybody nor anything, and we are not feeling fearful. Judgment and fear are the two aspects of our experience that will keep Awakening far from us. And when we are mellow, we have eliminated these bad experiences.

Be mellow today. Invite the miracle. Christ-consciousness is usually seen first in snatches of time, snatches that lengthen over time. And it is completely within God’s Will that we ask for, and we receive, enlightenment. Enlightenment, Awakening, Christ-consciousness—all mean the same. And we will know the value of this new state of being when we slow down long enough to invite the conditions needed.

Invite Christ-consciousness now. Just bow our heads, and slow down, and be mellow. The new reality will come, in its own time and in its own place.


Dear Father/Mother,

I invite miracles today, miracles that will speed all of us on our way to You. This is an especially potent prayer, I know, and I do mean this prayer. May my days grow into ever-increasingly close walks with You.

But help me to be patient. The day will not proceed well if I am not patient. Your way is best; of course I know that. And I will give up planning in my own way today. I will invite guidance. Thank You for being here for me in this guidance.



Note: Published in Miracles magazine, May-June, 2015 (publisher Jon Mundy).

PUBLISHER: Take Heart Publications
PUBLISHED: Combined Volume, September 2014
REVIEWED BY: Celia Hales

Can you imagine “another Course in Miracles”? This phrase, “another Course in Miracles,” was the startling introduction that Mari Perron heard internally, shortly before she assented to scribe. She recognized the voice as Jesus. Within a week, he was coming through to her for a new Course with an internal impression of words—the same method that Helen has described in receiving ACIM. The three-year process of receiving (channeling) happened about 15 years ago, and it has been a well-kept secret since, apparently waiting for its time. Now Take Heart Publications has published a new combined volume of the three books scribed by Mari, and A Course of Love (ACOL) is coming into its own.

I interviewed Mari Perron a decade ago, a few months after I wandered into Barnes & Noble and found an enticing pink jacket on a white book with an intriguing title, A Course of Love. Mari is articulate, unassuming, genuine. She told me that those who have studied ACIM were identified for her by Jesus as the best audience for A Course of Love, because we are ready for it. I have found that A Course in Love answers questions that earnest seekers still have despite careful study of A Course in Miracles.

As you most probably know, there are several other individuals who have asserted that they have “heard” Jesus internally, and there are web sites and books arising from this phenomenon. Some individuals do believe that they channel Jesus “live,” that is to say, they speak words as they hear them internally. I make no judgments about these other works and manifestations. I ask you only to consider A Course of Love as particularly appropriate for those of us who are dedicated students/teachers of A Course in Miracles. A Course of Love says that it is a “continuation” of ACIM, and, as such, it describes numerous parallels between the two works. One seeking to channel, even Jesus himself, can only use the vocabulary that is in the mind of the scribe. Mari had read A Course in Miracles (by her count) seven times just prior to channeling A Course of Love. In my opinion, she writes with Presence and as an especially clear channel for Jesus’s purposes in writing A Course of Love. Here is what Jesus in ACOL says about this:
“Where the original Course in Miracles was a course in thought reversal and mind training, a course to point out the insanity of the identity crisis and dislodge the ego’s hold, this is a course to establish your identity and to end the reign of the ego.” (A Course of Love, C:P.8)

Some of us who have studied ACIM and emerged with weakened egos have, in the words of A Course of Love, “rejected” ourselves. We think that to claim our rightful place of identity with the Christ within lacks humility. A Course in Love says that such an attitude is actually borne of fear.

“You prefer selflessness to self because this is your chosen way to abolish ego and to please God.” (C:P.20)

But now we approach “final learning through the realm of the heart. This is where the confusion ends. This is why we call this course A Course of Love.” (C:P.44)

Some will read the first book (the “Course”) of ACOL to be a further refinement of A Course in Miracles–a refresher with added principles for those who have studied ACIM, a compendium of necessary thoughts for those who have not studied ACIM. As much as A Course of Love is believed to be a sequel to ACIM, ACOL can stand on its own because of the material in the first book. The second and third books (the “Treatises” and the “Dialogues”) represent the complexities of ACOL, to be read after the first book has been assimilated, after a break in reading. They have much depth, and their principles will require careful reading.

One overarching theme: We are being led from our emphasis on the mind, where we often think we need proofs, into an emphasis on the heart, which knows without having cognitive proof. Ultimately, we are told, we must combine mind and heart into what Jesus terms “wholeheartedness.”

In ACOL, we see the end of the illusory separated self, moving into our new identity as the Christ Self. We live in Oneness (unity) and in holy relationships (no longer special) with God and with others. Everyone is chosen (an ACIM declaration also). We move beyond old ways of learning to new ways of learning, new ways which include living in observation of our living rather than traditional means of study. Our seeking has an end, and that time is now. We are said to be now living in the time of the second coming of Christ, the time of the Holy Spirit having ended. We don’t need an intermediary any longer; we can approach the internal God directly, no longer being afraid of Him.

As ACOL progresses, Jesus moves into a role no longer as teacher, but as a companion. He directs us to allow elevation of the physical body in Christ-consciousness, and to sustain that new identity in the “elevated Self of form.” This is the way of the future, a future that not even Jesus will predict. Having given up the ego and established a new identity, we are living in a way that is not in conflict with God’s will and our true will for ourselves. We are separate from God no longer, not even in illusion. Jesus speaks directly to us when he concludes:

“You will realize that you know what to do. Expect heaven on earth, you were told. This is what it is. There will be no doubt, no indecision. Your path will be so clear to you it will be as if it is the only path in the world and you will wonder why you didn’t see it all along. Expect this. And it will be.” (E.6)

Many who have loved A Course in Miracles will find much value in A Course of Love. Like ACIM, ACOL too must be read attentively and also slowly, approached with an open mind and a thoughtful heart. The words are beautiful. There are jewels here. And solace, oh, so much solace for the heart! Others, early readers of ACOL, have told me that the emphasis on the heart is very comforting, as well as helpful, to them.

A Course of Love has my enthusiastic recommendation.

Our Bodies Are Our Friends

“While you have been taught that you are not your body, it is impossible for you to deny the body here. Yet you can change the function you have ascribed to it, and so its way of functioning. If you do not see it as the result of a fall, as a curse, as a punishment from God, or as your home, a dwelling place that keeps you separate, then you can begin to see it as what it is, a learning device given you by a loving creator.” (ACOL, C:18.6)

A Course in Miracles also calls the body a learning device, and so in this the two courses are identical. We are not meant to denigrate the body, see it as evidence of our separation from God. But this is what many of us may have done. Either denigrate or exalt—the latter of which is a mistake of the ego-oriented. We have sought to make of the physical body something to “catch” our mate, to cause admiration, or to glorify with clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

All of these ways of seeing the body are false to our better nature. We function best when our body does not feel either well nor ill, but just “is.” This “isness” is a function of seeing the body as a learning device, and at this early stage of learning ACOL, we are still caught in learning. (Later on, we will move beyond learning.) Our learning of what the body can teach will serve as well as we advance in the Course of Love curriculum. And give us a blessing as well. We have not been cursed by a body that sometimes causes us pain and suffering. We chose the body for a new experience, and this new experience of form, physical bodies, is not outside God’s will. Only our decision that there was something better than God’s creation caused our downfall. This was the separation, the “letting go” that God chose, along with us. We were too eager, too desirous of new experience when we had not learned all that was needful.

The new way of viewing the body, seeing it as a way of experience and a learning device, but no longer as a separating factor in our relationship to God, will serve us well. By the time that we are reading the Dialogues, we will learn that the elevated Self of form is a new choice for us on earth, a new choice for us in this world. We will create the new, a new reality.

And in this choice will all of our sadly lacking choices of the past be gone.


Dear Father/Mother,

May this New Year’s Day be the start of a year in which as many of us as possible catch more than glimpses of enlightenment, but the real thing—maintained and then sustained Christ-consciousness. This is a tall order, but to ask for it is to remain within God’s will for us. And certainly Jesus wants the same for us.

May this day be the start of something grand.

Thank you for Your support and Your many blessings. May none of us ever forget to be grateful. Now and always.